Our BIG News!!!!!

So... I have been meaning to get on this thing and write about the latest, it has been quite a while. Well, as a few of you already know... YES we are PREGNANT!!! We are SO excited!! We have wanted to get pregnant for quite some time now. The Lord has finaly blessed us with a baby on the way!!! I have been quite sick, constantly nauseous and I have had the two flu/colds since we found out the news. I am currently trying to get through cold #2! I have gone through many emotions since we found out. First emotion is thankfulness to our Heavenly Father that he has entrusted us with one of his precious children! I am also very hormonal... I feel very bad for Dallas who has put up with me and continues to do so. Then of coarse the sick factor. That is probably the emotion that is the strongest. I have taken my health for granted all the years of my life. Having been nauseous for a month and a half straight, I am just SOOOO ready to feel normal again. I cant imagine the day but my mom is telling me that it will come soon. We are due October 10th so I am about 10 weeks along. So that is our Wonderful news!!!!! Pics will come shortly when i look better.