We are having a .....

BOY!!!!!!!!! We had the ultrasound on Friday and we were so Shocked! Both of us really thought it was going to be a girl, especially Dall. We are So excited! Its so crazy how the moment you find out what you are having, it just seems so natural. My thought right after we found out was "Of course its a Boy!!!" Now onto the hard part... narrowing down a few names. I had four girl names picked out but not too sure on a boy name. So we have to do some big soul searching!! Any ideas on names, send them my way!


I am so mad!!

So today was the day we were supposed to find out the gender of this baby... But when we got there, they told us that the ultrasound machine was broken! BLAH!!!! So we made another appointment for tomorrow at 1:3o. So... hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow.