Mmmm... Fall!!!

I LOVE fall. Love, love, love. I love the smell in the air, the temperature, the Halloween stuff EVERYWHERE and just the feel of September. I get so giddy this time of year for many reasons.
#1: Gabe's Birthday
Gabe turns the big 2 on September 28th. I love having his birthday in the fall. The weather is still cooperating and the fall leaves are beautiful. He probably wont care about those things but he will be happy about being one of the oldest kids in his grade in school.
#2: Decorating
I love to decorate for fall. Fall and Christmas are really the only times i get to change out my decor so I get really excited for that. Plus, the fall and Christmas colors look so goo in my house. 
#3: HaLlOwEeN
Spooky, Scary, Creepy, Haunted, Hocus Pocus. All words I love to describe the day. There is nothing better than watching a bunch of scary movies all throughout October to get you excited for the Day of the Dead. The costumes get me pretty excited too. Hmmm, I want to watch Hocus Pocus right now!!
Every fall, the sisters, mother and I go for a nice weekend away. No husbands, no kids. It's just us girls. We have gone to park City for the past couple of years which has been a blast. We stay at a nice Condo and shop all day at the Outlets. It is a great day to do some Christmas Shopping. I CANNOT wait for this years Retreat. 
#5: Fall Clothes
Probably my favorite time to wear clothes. Hehe. Love the scarves, hats, boots, jeans and oh so much more. 
#6: Fall Food
Mmmmm. Consists of lots and lots of soup in bread bowls, corn bread, pumpkin pie, pie in general, caramel apples and hot apple cider. Could it get any greater than that?
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Fall!


April & Nates Shower

My sisters and I had so much fun throwing my sis-in-law and brother their baby shower for their two babies that are still in Ethiopia. We are SO excited to meet these two beautiful babies. We have so much love for them and we couldn't be happier that Nate and April have finally been matched!!! The hard part for them and for us is WAITING! Time really needs to go by faster.
The shower turned out great. I think I took a picture of every gift they opened. I want them to remember every bit of it. We had lots of our family come and give their support for Nate and April. These two babies are loved by so many people and they don't even know it. We had delicious food and even better company. Here are few pictures I took of the decorations and gift opening.

I put this sign on the Gift Table

Some of the floating tissue balls I made. Turned out pretty cute eh?


Marni had this awesome idea for drinks. LOVE the mason jars. We found coordinating straws at World Market.

The Yummy food. April even made cookies in the shape of Africa and a candy dot in place of Ethiopia.

The happy Parents right before they opened their gifts.

I love Aprils face in this picture. It was an adorable tu tu.

Also an adorable little outfit.

Congratulations again you guys. We love you so much.