Need I Say More...

This is one of the pictures I took of Gabers today during our little photo shoot. How ADORABLE is my Son???



IT'S DONE!!!!!

So I finished it! This was the big project that I started at the beginning of the summer. Let me give you some background. I had this vision of what I wanted for a TV console. Since my front room isn't the biggest, I didn't want something massive that takes up the whole wall. Instead, I wanted to re-do an old, wood dresser and put my stamp all over it. I got busy hitting the D.I. and getting on KSL almost everyday until I found a steal.... and boy did I find one. I found an ad on KSL for a Solid Wood Dresser that had Nine drawers. The ad was priced at $80 which was a lot more than I wanted to spend but I LOVED the look of the dresser so I gave the woman a call. She said she had been trying to sell the thing for months now but no one came buy to look at it when they said they would. She offered it to me for $50 and threw in a matching night stand. Yup... I snagged a deal! They are both massive, heavy pieces of furniture and they are SOLID WOOD! I love that part. So my parents lent me their garage and my mom watched Gabers while I got to work on it.
Here is the Before:

And here is the After:

I love how it turned out. It is just what I pictured it to be. All it needs now is a TV..... dallas is working on this one. This little project was quite time consuming but worth every minute!! What shall I work on next??? Hmmmmmm???


He loves his reflection...

My mom and I went browsing in some stores the other day and we made it back to the dressing room where we found and AWESOME mirror that Gabe loved. It was one of those that you could see your reflection for ever and ever. It was the best thing about Gabe's day. He LOVES mirrors and his reflection. He started crying when we had to leave. I should make one whole wall in his room a Huge Mirror. Ha ha. 




So me and Dall were doing some yard work when I came across this!!! I first though it was one of those HUGE black beetle, stink bug things because we have them everywhere around our house so I almost walked right past it. It was in the corner or my garage door, leading to the side of my house. I almost fainted when I realized what it was. So I screamed for Dall to get a Dixie cup so we could get a better look at the thing. Once we got it in the cup, we shook it so it would get on it's back and YUP... a BLACK WIDOW. I seriously have not seen a black widow, let alone a spider this big... ever. We played with it in the cup for a bit and got it really mad and then after about 10 minutes, Dall reluctantly let it loose on the road and ended it's horrible little life. Since then, I now watch were I am stepping when I am out in the yard. Hope this makes you sleep peaceful at night. I have lost a few good hours just thinking about it. YUCK!!!



What I have been doing lately...

I have been quite busy with projects that I have started. I finally finished the first one and I am quite pleased with how it turned out Here are the before and after's...



Onto my next project!!!