And so it comes to an end Part 1...

So it is the last and dreadful day of August. Which means summer is really coming to a close. If anyone knows me at all... they would know that I am always sad to see summer leave. I love autumn, and I even love winter.. up till Christmas that is. After that, I just get really deperesed. I mean with all that cold, windy, snowey weather... it just kind of wears on you. I am the most happy in the summer time and i am sad to say goodbye. So any warm day i get from here on out.. i will be making the best of every second of it. Such a somber moment!!!

Goodbye days where the best way to spend a summer day would be drinking Lemonade outside in the sun. I'll miss you very much!

and goodbye warm, wet, and relaxing swimming pool.

And so it comes to an end..

... and HELLO Beautiful Autumn!

On another note.. look how good a baby looks in Dallas's arms!!! Dallas is holding baby Lucas, my cousin Erins baby. He is so cute! I'm only making a big deal about this picture because a. I am extremely baby hungry and b. Dallas thinks babies are too fragile for him to hold. He is affraid he will break them. So I LOVE this picture... and dallas is a natural!


ODE to Rachel!!!

So many things have happened since i last wrote. I'll spare you from the Breaking Dawn obsession. Oh where to begin... Well I did try out for AI at the end of July. Me, my cousin Dave, my mom and my aunt Debbie all went. We got up at 3:30 in the morning to be down at the ESA at 5:00am to stand in line... for 3 hours. We did a lot of waiting and then they cattle called us down to the floor so we could try out in groups of 4. So the guy that was judging me asked me to sing 4 songs. Then he said he was letting me go because i had the "voice" just not the stage presence. What the??? I guess i just didnt understand. If they wanted me to perform to my fullest, they should have asked. I was just doing what they asked me to do. But oh well. I know now that AI is just not for me. At least i can say i did it. Then the day after, me and dallas where invited to go to Lake Powell with our good friends family, the Johnsons. Derek and Nicole are our friends and it was so fun! We stayed for 4 days and just had a blast. I actually got up on the knee board and i did a little surfing off the back of the boat. That is HUGE for me. It really was the funnest thing we have done all summer. We love them and are glad they asked us to go with them. Here are some pics. Enjoy!

The flowers Dall got me for AI. He is just so sweet!

Us on the molecule. This tube was Awesome!

Dallas Wake Boarding. He was really good!

Me and Nicole.. I look Terrible, dont judge!

So on a more sad note... my best friend in the whole world left yesterday for North Carolina for 4 years. Her husband Josh is going to med school there. It was a hard day for me!! But it was even harder for Ali. The day she left was her little sister Michelle's wedding day. Ali got to go to the temple but she had to leave after pictures were taken there. I was lucky enough to be invited. I feel close enough tp those girls that they could be my sisters!! I love the Hair Family! So i got to see Ali at the temple, then i just couldnt handle it any more. I just gave her my goodbye present, gave her two big hugs and just left. I started bawling all the way to my car! It was just an emotional day. So ALI.... I love you and I am so glad you are my best friend. You have been the greatest!! It's not good bye, it's See you at christmas... and I'll call you a few times every week!!!!
Ali's younger sis Michelle looking gorgeous on her wedding day!

BEST FRIENDS!! Love you Ali!



Ok So this will not be much of a post, since most of the readers have probably read the book already and know what i am speaking of... but i just need to get it off my chest! The fourth book Breaking Dawn was AMAZING!!! I love this series so much. And it makes me that much more excited to see the first movie! I love every character that has been cast for the movie. I am just quite obsessed. Thanks for letting me share my happiness!!