9 Months and eating it up...

Well another month has come and gone just like that. Our Gabers is 9 months!!! It seems like this last month, he has grown a ton.... in the weight department. I am lifting weights JUST to be able to hold my son. We go in to the Dr's next Wednesday to see how Gabe is growing. I'll let you know that stats when I find out. His little personality is really starting to show. He is so funny to watch, especially when he doesn't know we are there. He sings to himself while he trys to get into everything. It is really cute. I think he does it to sooth himself.
Here are some things we have noticed gabe doing this month:
*He officially HATES Green Beans
*He really wants to crawl, we can see it... but he just drags himself everywhere he goes. That kids upper body strength is unbelievable
*He still does not have any teeth... I am not complaining because I am still nursing
*He flexes his arms and face when he gets really excited over something (I think hyper active kids do that.... oh no!)
*He is going through an "I'm obsessed with mommy" stage. He cries whenever I go out of the room and if I am in the room but I am not holding him, he screams.... and I mean Screams
*He still falls asleep every time we go for a car ride, even if it is only for a few minutes
*He LOVES his sippy cups but hates bottles or binkis
*He went to the pool for the first time last week and he loves the water... but he loves watching the kids more. He is a people watcher... like his mommy!
*He has learned how to do the Motor Boat with his mouth
*He dances whenever there is music on... and sings to it

Will not hold still long enough for me to take more than one picture

Oh, and he is climbing up to everything!!!

Then we tried sitting on the couch to get a better picture...

But Gabe wasn't having any of that!!!

Here are a few more cute pictures of gabers.... What a little cutie pie!



Dad's Birthday and Father's Day...

This weekend was quite the fun and exciting one. Not only was it Fathers Day, but it was also my Dad's Birthday. I wont say how old he is but he definitely doesn't look his age... he looks MUCH younger. The family started Saturday off my hitting the South Jordan parade. The kid's LOVED it! Gabe however was a little restless. I'll give him a few years to actually enjoy a parade. Then after the parade, my mom, sisters and me went to a family bridal shower. Then we headed back to my parents house to celebrate my Dad's birthday. The kids had the pool and slip'n'slide out and we had a nice BBQ outside. There really is nothing better than a BBQ outside in Great weather with your family!!! Happy Birthday Dad. We LOVE you very much!

This Fathers Day was Dall's very first so I wanted to make it a great day for him. He is such a great Daddy to his Gabers and I am so thankful that I married him... or rather He married Me!! I have known Dallas for a long time but when we had Gabe, I got to see a whole new side of him. He is just the BEST dad to our son. Gabe and I LOVE you Dall so much. Thanks for being the world's best DAD to our baby boy!!!

And Happy Fathers Day to MY AWESOME DAD!!! I couldn't have asked for a better father! Thank you for your example and everything you have taught me and are still teaching me. We love you more that words can say!

(a sweet moment I caught of my dad and gabe. my dad was singing to him.)Photobucket


Photo of the day...

I had to post this GORGEOUS picture of my baby boy... who lately is not seeming so "BABY." He pulled himself up to a chair today and stood all on his own. Gabriel..... please stop growing!!! Thats Mommy's orders!! Oh how I LOVE you so!




So it has almost been a year since my last visit to Antimony. First of all, let me say that that is WAY too long of a time period to go without an Antimony fix and I hope to never do it again. Oh the trip was much needed. My mom, Gabe and I decided to get away for a few days and visit Grandpa Burr. It was quite the relaxing trip. We saw Sheep being herded by farmers, cows of coarse, grandpa's chickens, California condors, an owl and even REAL Mountain Men. I don't think I have ever seen so much in a trip down there. I took lots of pictures because everything was so green and gorgeous down there. Oh I LOVE Antimony!!!

Gabe's new face he is pulling.

Mom and Gramps doing some dirty work.

What an awesome picture eh??

The Otter Creek! Personally this is my favorite reservoir.

Yes.. that is a Doo Rag on Gabe's head! Ha ha!

The Mountain Men hitched their horses to the trees so they could get a Drink at the Merc. If you look closely, you can see one of them in the background.

Gabe was a little out of his element so he was falling asleep in the most random positions.

Sit and Rock a while... Oh Gramps, I LOVE you!!

All in all, it was a great 4 days and I cant wait to get down there again for the 4th of July!!!


Oh Technology...

So here I am, publishing a post from my dad's new HTC EVO 4G. I am new to the technology that allows this. Just wanted to let you all know. More post's to come on my trip to Antimony and our 3rd Anniversary.