Thanksgiving & More...

So, these last week or so has been very eventful. I only worked three days this week, which was fabulous and well needed. Thanksgiving was Great! We ate soooo much food. Dallas's Dad came in town so we went to that side of the family first for our first meal. It was nice seeing his dad and all of Dall's family that live in Idaho that we never see. They need to definately come down more and we need to get up to Idaho more often. Then we headed over to Dall's moms side of the family. We ate another full meal there. And they had the most AMAZING PIES!!! I love pies. They are my favorite!! Then we went over to my parents for the rest of the night. It's always fun there. We played Chinese Checkers.. and i did not win. I slept over to do the Black friday thing with my brother nate and his wife April, and also my mom. We didnt quite wake up as early as we neded to. We were an hour behind everywhere, but there was still good stuff to be had. So this year was another Wonderful Thanksgiving. CHRISTMAS.... Here we come!!
My mom trying so hard to smile BIG!

You know I had to add one of these!

Getting Lost in the Ads!!

Last weekend, it was my moms birthday and then the day after, it was my parents Anniversary... 34 Years!! We went to the Bingham Football Game for her B-Day, yup.. thats what she wanted to do. Then we went to Hard Rock after to eat some yummy food! And of course on Saturday, mym mom spent her anniversary with the girls at Twilight, while my dad went with the boys to watch the BIG GAME!!! We all had a lot of fun, except for Dall, who is a BYU fan. Sorry Buddy. Here are some pics.
Allie came, we had fun!

Oh... Special!

My cute mom & dad on her B-Day.



It was brought to my attention about a type-o o made on my last posting... I AMMMMMMMM Rob Pattinson's #1 FAN!!!! That is all!



Ok... so me, my sisters and my mom went to see Twilight tonight. We made it a girls night out while the men stayed home with the chillins and watched the BYU/ U of U football game.( GO UTES!!!!!)We fine dined at Red Robyn, then entered the black abyss of a movie theater to watch the BEST MOVIE EVER! I seriously LOVED it. Everything about it!! If you know me, my little siter and I have been known to get pretty obsessed over movies...( Titanic, Fear, Pearl Harbor, anyhting with Gerard Butler, Titanic.. oh wait, did i mention that one already?)And this is one more to add to the list, well, MY List!! I couldnt have been more pleased. I thought everyone did a great job portraying the characters. They could have put more of Hot Emmett on the screen, but I guess there is always 90210. Anywho, I am not Rob Pattinsons #1 fan! AMAZING!!!


Love/ Hate Relationship..

So i need to vent about something that has absolutely no importance. The GYM!! There was once a time where i really enjoyed going to the gym. Letting my frustrations out with running 5 miles and then lifting weights... feeling like i could punch a very large man! But, i do not feel that way so much anymore. As I am getting older, i am noticing a few fun facts. 1. I am getting softer. 2. I am getting squishier. 3. I have a perminant line on my belly where my garment band is... and right below it is a fun little pouch. 4. I think i now have asthma because i get winded like an old woman every time i step on a tredmil. I have NO enthusiasm to go to the gym anymore!! Does Anyone have some fun work out tips that make it some what enjoyable. I'm at a loss. I shall spare you from any more of this useless information. On a very much happier note, I am putting up my Christmas Tree on Wednesday! I am a Christmas fanatic so it will be a great day!!!


So.. Halloween was fun fun fun. Its wierd though because we dont have chillins yet and we cant trick or treat anymore so what do we do??? Costume Party Anyone? That is what we did. Dall, me, my bother and his wife went to our cousins for a party. It was fun. Then we came back and watched a scary Halloween movie until after 1:00 am. Then the next day was our girls day. All that were included was my mommy, Marn, Rach and Allie. I am so mad because i did not take one picture! Blast! We went to pottery barn, the gateway, gardner village and then last but certainly not least. TAI PAN!!! Oh we had fun but we missed our sister April. She wasnt able to make it. I love hanging out with my sisters when there are no nieces.. so we can really talk.. and laugh, which is what we do most of the time. I love my sisters. Then sunday was my neice Avery's baby blessing. She is so adorable so i put pictures. Enjoy!
Us with Bryce and Jamie

Dall, me, my sister in-law April and Bro Nate

Cute Maggie on Halloween

Oh boy..

And here are some very adorable pictures of my niece Avery. I'm obsessed with her!!!