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Well I know it has been quite a while since I UPDATED. I am very bad at this blogging stuff, especially while I am pregnant. The only reason why I am even on the internet these days is to look for Baby Bedding, cribs and strollers... Amongst many other baby things. I have finally narrowed it down to 4 bedding sets (which is good for me) and of course the one that I like the most is the most expensive. I need to know what people actually spend on crib bedding these days. So many decisions!! So memorial day, Dallas and I went up to Idaho Falls to see Dall`s family. It was a trip that was LONG overdue! We stayed at his Dads house and watched lots of movies with him, since that is what Dave Todd, Dall`s Dad, likes to do best! We had a BBQ the night we got up there with Dall`s sister Ashley and her Boyfriend. It was a lot of fun. Then we HAD to make smores over their fire pit! DELICIOUS!! The next day, we did a little shopping and sight seeing around Idaho Falls. We went to the Falls and saw the Temple. It was such an awesome view. Then after we ate at a really good Bar & Grill that over looked the falls. The weather was perfect so we spent most our time outside. Then on our final day, we went to visit Dawn and Kanyon, Dalls step mom and Dalls nephew... who is by far the cutest boy I have EVER SEEN!!! I could steal him and not feel bad about it!! He looks just like his daddy Matt (Dall`s brother) which gets me excited because there is a chance our little guy will look somewhat like Kanyon! Anyways, we ate a nice sunday dinner with all Dawn and all dalls siblings, minus Matt. It was delicious. It was really good to see Dall`s family. We need to do it so much more often!!

On another GREAT note... It is Mine and Dallas` 2nd Anniversary today! I cannot believe we have been married for 2 years. Oh so many things we have accomplished in that time! I`m looking outside and the weather is pretty much the same as it was on our wedding day, cloudy and a little chilly. It made for great wedding pictures though. We celebrated it yesterday by going baby shopping, a little shopping in there for us too might I add. Dallas surprised me with dinner at the restaurant Bambara, which is in Hotel Monico... where we spent our wedding night!!! He was thinking, wasnt he? The food was amazing!! Dall had scallops and I had Halibut. It was to die for... until I found out that I am not supposed to eat Halibut due to the high mercury levels in that particular fish. I googled if I was going to be in trouble, and it quickly reassured me!! Dall was a nervous wreck until we found out that having one 6 oz fillet is not going to do anything to me or the baby! Anywho, after dinner,we walked around Temple Square a bit because it`s my favorite place to go. We ran into a few Sister Missionaries who wanted to tell us about all sorts or church history. Then we went and saw the movie Land of the Lost. DONT recommend it! That`s all I have to say about that. It was a great Anniversary!!! Dall, I love you and I am so happy we are on this journey together!! I am the luckiest wife in the world!!!

And here is my 22 week Shot!!! I cannot believe how large my stomach is getting, and I`m only half way there!