6 Months!!!

My sweet boy is 6 Months and boy is he growing. I swear he has stretched out a ton in the last few weeks. Plus, he is getting quite chunky as you can see. 6 Months is Bitter Sweet for me. I am so excited to see his progression and growth, as he is learning to do all sorts of new things. But I dont know if I am ready for him to be 6 Months Old already. Half of a year has gone by. Way too fast for that matter and I am never going to get it back. I think about the little things that I have done with Gabe that I find so special, like dancing with him to Music. There will soon come a day when I wont be able to hold him for what seems like hours because he will get too heavy. I love to walk around holding and snuggling him. He just stares at me with those sweet, deep blue eyes. Maybe I am just having an emotional day but this little boy makes me look at life completely different, as all mothers can agree with their children. So, to my little Gaber Baby... I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY. Thanks for the best Half Year of your life here with us, Nine Months of you in my belly and 5 months of Mommy and Daddy trying to get you here! They have been the BEST 20 months of my life!
New things Gabe has been doing are:
*Finally discovering that his feet TASTE Delicious
*Sitting up all by himself.... the topples over because he gets tired
*Will NOT eat fruit or veggies by themselves. He has to have Rice Cereal mixed in
*Going through seperation anxiety with his mommy
*Rolls over from his tummy to his back, but is still having some trouble rolling from his back to his tummy
*Learning how to scoot.... especially in circles
*Has learned how to do a certain cry. This consists of holdiong his cry out until he is out of breath. Scary!

Oh, and since we have moved... we have FINALLY put up Gabe's Crib! His Grandma Leslie got his bedding done and this was his first time in it. Such a BIG BOY. The bedding turned out Awesome. Better than I could have ever expected. Thanks Grandma Les.


Photography Obsessed

So I am obsessed with photography and taking pictures. Ever since I got my Project Life, I cant wait to take a picture of some random thing that happened for every day of the week. I have been reading up on little photography tips and eventually I hope to be as good as the person who took this picture!!! Gabriel has definitely inspired me to take more pictures of little, random things that I know I will want to always remember. And I will apologize to Dallas because I have now added a very expensive item to my Christmas List. I Love you Dallas!


Updater Blog....

So I have created our Updater Blog. The website is daglundquist.blogspot.com. You will only need this website if you have a Blog List and want to see when we update (since private blogs do not show the updates.) So put that address in the "Blog List" but keep our Family Blog in your "Friends" list. I hope I have not made this too difficult. Ok, we are going private in about a week!

My Little Man

Photo of the day!!! Oh my goodness, he just melts me heart every time I look at him! I was singing him a song and making animal noises and he was totally focused!! Just look at those baby blues!!!!! I love my Gabriel!
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Last Call...

Ok this is the LAST CALL for emails because I AM going private!!! Oh, does anyone know how to upload CUTE font to your blog without all the headache? I just tried about 10 times with some site called kevinandamanda.com. Either the instructions they are giving are absolutely terrible or I am just REALLY stupid! Can anyone help me???


Finally Going Private!!!

So I know I made a post about going private quite a while ago, but I never got around to doing it. Well, with a few conversations with friends and family, I definately realized the importance of it. Plus, when you google our names, our blog is the first thing that shows up. And you just never know what kind of crazies are checking the blog..... So, I believe I am going to do what my friend Ali has done with her blog. She is going private but is having a seperate public blog that will let everyone know when she has updated her private blog (since the updater icons dont let you know when a private blog has been updated.) Thanks Ali, hope you dont mind! So, I am sorry to ask again but to all of my friends, family and people I wish I saw more but only keep in contact through the blogging world, please leave your emails. I will be doing the change in about a week or so, and I will let you know what the "2nd blog" will be. 


Gabriel is 5 Months!!!!!

Is my baby boy really 5 months???? Well, these have been the best 5 months of my life to say the least! Gabe is growing SO fast it seems and I am trying to document everyday of his life either with pictures or with video. When I was his age, my parents didn't have a video camera, so I never got to see what I was like. They took lots of pictures but no video. All of my siblings have video when they were babies except for me. I want Gabe to get sick of how much footage we got of him!!! On to Gabers now...... these are some of the things that Gabe has been up to in the last month:
*Starting to throw little temper tantrums (usually when he is either hungry or tired.)
*Has the girliest little squeal that he uses when he wants attention. Momma thinks it is precious.
*Has been introduced to the following: Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, Pears, Peaches, Apple Sauce, Bananas, Apricots and Prunes. He HATES Bananas but loves everything else.
*Watches us very closely when we are putting food in our mouths (Diet Coke especially). Then he gets mad because we didnt put any of it in his...... then comes the temper tantrum I was telling you about earlier.
*Knows exactly who mom and dad are, and if he is crying when someone is holding him, he quiets down the moment I get him. I LOVE when he does that. It makes me feel like I am doing a good job as his mommy and that he loves me. 
*Is very tickelish on his tummy and if anything or anyone comes close to his tummy, he will start giggling.

I really feel like I am the luckiest person on this planet because I have been blessed with such an amazing little spirit. He has changed my life and I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father has trused Dallas and I to raise him and take care of him and teach him what is right. Oh we are obsessed with our Gaber Baby!!!
  What a little crunch!!! Daddy was getting him to giggle so hard!

Ha ha.. this picture makes me laugh!!!

I just want to EAT him!

He's has found his feet recently and thinks they are the most amazing things!

Showing off his nice little wound by his eye... poor little guy bonked his head on momma's chin.

Here are some more random pictures I wanted to post... just because Gabe is so darn cute!

I know I went a little crazy with the pictures but I just couldnt resist!