Ok you guys, I REALLY need some assistance. I NEED to know how to change my background step by step because i have tried to do it a few ways and nothing works. Like for instance... I have gone to pyzam.com, found a back ground that i like, copied it... then went to my edit html section, tried erasing all that stuff that was forever long in that box and posting the code for the background that i wanted... but when i hit preview or even save, the computer tells me that i have done something wrong. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? I am getting frustrated a little tiny bit. Please help me if you know how to. Thank you SO much!



So I decided to waste some time and do this tag since i have nothing else to do. Enjoy!!!

A: Attached or single: Happily Married

B: Best Birthday: Probably my 17th. I was in British Columbia on my school choir tour. We were performing all day at this beautiful cathedral. Then that night, a few of my friends and i went out to a resteraunt, we were late to a choir meeting and i got to kiss my crush when he walked me to by hotel room at the end of the night. It was pretty memorable.

C: Cake or Pie: PIE hands down! I LOVE PIE!!!!

D: Day of Choice: Friday definately. I get excited knowing i dont have to wake up at any set time the next day. Plus Friday Night Dates are fabulous.

E: Essential Item: Headache medacine.

F: Favorite Color: Yellow/ Orange. Love them both.

G: Gummi Bears or Worms: Probably Gummi Worms. I like them both.

H: Hometown: South Jordan

I: Indulgence(s): Salt & Vinegar Stackers or Cucumbers in Vinegar. YUM!!!!

J: January or July: July! Cant beat it.

K: Kids: None at the moment. But i definately want them soon.

L: Life is incomplete without: My family.

M: Marriage Date: June 7, 2007

N: Number of Siblings: 3 sisters, one brother, 4 brother-in-laws and 2 sister-in-laws.

O: Oranges or Apples: Apples

P: Phobias or Fears: Hate Spiders, and i'm very chlosterophobic. (Blankets pinning me down on the tramp.. thats where that stems from!)

Q: Quote(s): " The greatest thing for me to know is that i have purpose beyond myself"

R: Reason To Smile: Seeing my husband wearing reading glasses... well, really just seeing my husband! Also being surrounded by my family for sunday dinners.

S: Season: Summer

T: Tag Six: Marni, Chelsea, Allie, Kolbi, Carli, Michelle... hope ya do this!

U: Unknown Fact about Me: I spend my whole monday night sitting in front of the TV... let me explain: 6:00- Friends re-runs, 7:00-Gossip Girl, 8:00- One Tree Hill, 9:00 The Bachelor, 10:00- The news... only until the weather, then i hit the sack! I'm very sad, i know.

V: Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: I 'm not a vegetarian but i LOVE a lot of veggies. I would prefere a good veggie mixture over a steak. Again a am not really right in the head.

W: Worst Habit: I raise my voice too often, plus i sleep with my blankie.

X: X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds.

Y: Your Favorite Food: My moms Potatos and Hot Dogs. YUM!

Z: Zodiac: Aries. I am a ram! Fits my personality greatly!



So right now I am VERY bored!! It's thursday night, my husband left me to go play basketball with some work buddies and i am at my parents house with Megan DeBry. If any of you know her.. might i say that she is a very pleasant girl to be around. I wanted to go to a movie with her tonight but she is not feeling very well. I have been in the biggest mood to see either Prom Night or Emma. Polar opposite movies.. I know. So we will most likely rent a movie and be silly girls for the night. So the question that i do need answered is... How do i change my background without deleting everything i have already on here?? I almost did delete everything and i will not try to do it again till i know how. So if i can have some assistance, it would be much appreciated. So here are some good ol' pics of my past.. Random I know, but enjoy!


House Shopping..

So yesterday, my brother Nate took me and dallas around the valley to look at a few townhomes and condos that are fairly good priced. Some a little better than others.. but i'll get to that. We are living in a pretty small apartment right now which is really cheap, but as all of you know, it is basically like we are throwing money down the drain staying here. I mean YES we have a place to live, YES it is in good area but we cant build any equity here because we dont own it. Thus the reason why we are looking around. Plus it is a really good time to buy. Well, Nate took us to some that are just being built off state and about 8500 South. They are condos and townhomes and they are pretty cute. The townhomes are more pricey but i liked the condos equally as much. The only thing with that place is that Dallas works up in Ogden and i work Down Town so the drive could get old. The second place he took us just to do a "look-see" was some condos out in West Valley. They were cute too but i HATE the area. It just is not for me. Ok... so here is the stumper. The last place we went was Stansbury Park. If you dont know where that is, it is the city thats right before Tooele. You have to drive a ways on I-80 but it only took us 30 minutes from there to my moms house in South Jordan, so it really doesnt take that long of a drive. It's a very pretty drive in fact. I havent been out there for about 15 years. The last time i went out there was when i played a soccer game against a team there. It was a lot smaller back then. The place has really grown. You get a gorgeous view of the great salt lake and the pretty mountains on the opposite side. Anyway, back to the townhouses. They are built by Ivory Homes and they are awesome. The one that we are looking at has two bedrooms, two 1/2 bath and a HUGE kitchen. The total square foot is 1,812 and i'ts $160,000. It includes lots of amentities that the other ones dont offer, and the other town house on State Street ran at $201,000 and it was NOT nearly as big. So we just dont know what to do. I love the townhouse, i just need to get over this idea that Stansbury is not at the edge of the world. I'll keep ya posted.


The Beginning!

So... this would be my very first post on a blog. I'm brand new at this so i am hoping you all can help me out if i need it, which i will. So I've noticed as i have looked at a lot of blogs, that most of them display babies and cute pictures of events. Well, i have no children yet and i am really bad with a camera. What I'm hoping is that this will be a great excuse to take a lot more pictures of my family. I guess we shall see. I am going to try to stay current with this.