Gabe is 7 Months Old...

I cannot believe that we are here! Another month has flown by too fast, as always, but we are having the time of our lives with this little angel. I feel like there has been a lot of growth with Gabe this last month. He is learning to do new things everyday and I am so surprised everytime I witness it. Am I the only one that thinks GROWTH is just amazing?!?! It really is a miracle in my eyes. Here is Gabe in all his glory... and the egg carton that he found so interesting.

Some new things Gabe is doing are:
*Rolling over and over and over and over and almost falling off the bed
*Sitting up on his own.. YAY
*Saying words that sound a lot like Ma Ma
*Cannot take his feet out of his mouth
*Still likes being rocked to sleep with Music playing
*Sleeping in his OWN BED.... long awaited!!!
*Laughs harder than we've heard him laugh... at Daddy of coarse
*Preferes to be on his tummy instead of his back when we lay him down anywhere
*Has gotten on an AWESOME schedule that he knows well
*Is still obsessed and preferes his Ma Ma... I LOVE that!

This little boy is definately OUR REASON!!!


Picture Post of Pure Randomness...

So this post has no point... other than showing off my adorable baby boy, who will be 7 MONTHS OLD in two days! WHAT?!?!? I just cant take that in. So here goes the pictures...

He LOVES staring at Feet

Gabe has always been a good puker, but this glob was a little over the top

Just our average morning...

He is saying "You have fed me now GET ME OUT OF THIS BUMBO!!!"
What would I do without him!?!?



We had a very fun evening. We hit a BUCKET OF BALLS with the DeHaan's at Mulligans. The weather was perfect so we took advantage. Now, I have NEVER been good at swinging a Golf Club. Many people that have been with me at a golf course can attest to that. I will most likely cheat at a game of Mini Golf because I am always the last one to get the ball in the stupid hole. Golf is just NOT my thing. I look completely rediculous.... but.... I will say that after tonight, I feel a tiny bit better about my swing. I eventually hit the ball... instead of throwing my arm out of socket. It was fun though. Gabe loved being outside with Grampa Bobby, Grams Jules and Uncle Brady.



So... I am finally getting around to posting a picture of our Home. I am still working on the inside so those pics will come later. Excuse the "Friday." I used this picture for Scrapbooking purposes. So this is it...


I Am Inspired...

To use every one of these AWESOME fabrics on something!!! I have all the intentions of making something "Cute and Crafty" with my new Sewing Machine, and one day I will. Possibly a toy for Gabe, a blanket or even just fabric over canvas. Oh if I only had 5 extra hours in a day.


Awesome Day Had By All...

We had such a great day on Saturday. I havent had a day like this one in quite a while. It was well needed. When we woke up Saturday morning, I was just planning on cleaning the house a bit and doing what I have been doing every day since we have moved it. Dallas was not having that idea. He wanted to get out and DO something. So DO something we did. We went to an awesome wood shop call The Wood Connection... one of my favorite stores. I really want an entertainment center that they make there and I wanted Dall to see and get excited about it... like I am. He didnt get as excited as I wanted him too. Then we went to my favorite consignment store called Home Again. Another fabulous store and Dallas really liked it surprisingly. He really liked that everything was used and some of the stuff looked so old. We both really like that look. It is a great place to take pictures too...

Then it was off to Gardner Village. It was such a beautiful day that we wanted to be outside. We took gabe by the duckies, and although he has no idea what they are right now, I have a feeling that the duckies are going to be one of his favorites. And let me just add that we went into Sweet Aftons (The Candy Store) and I bought myself a very large bag of Sixlets!!! It was an awesome day to say the least. Bring On Summer!!!


Peds Appointments and Allergic Reactions...

Yesterday, Gabe went to his 6 month Doctor appointment. Oh he was such a good boy throughout the whole appointment. He cried of course when he got his three shots, but that was to be expected. His whole face went bright red and I had to blow in it to get him to breath. He just doesnt like the pokies, but who does!?! So here are the long and awaited STATS:
Weight: 15 ibs and 15 oz (25%)
Length: 25 in (10%)
Head: 42 cm (10%)
Weight/Length: 70%
Gabe's Doctor said that he was growing well at his own pace. We might not have a very TALL boy on our hands. Dallas just wants him to make 6'. My brother is quite tall and Dall has some very tall cousins.... so who knows. So the Doctor appointment went well. I got Gabe home and when I took a look at him, his eye lids were bright red and very puffy! I panicked of course. It was a good thing I was at my Mom's because she knew exactly what was going on. My brother use to flare up like that when he was a baby. So I called Gabe's Doctor and told them that Gabe was having an Allergic Reaction to one of the shots. They told us to get back to their office to take a look at him. I also noticed that he was coughing a little since the shots and was breathing rapidly. That is always scary. They took us right back to a room, told us to get Gabe undressed, just to make sure he didnt have any rashes or spots anywhere on his little body. He didnt!!! Then they took his Oxygen levels. They were great. So, the doc said that he is allergic to one of the shots he was given. he was given three so it is hard to know exactly what one it was. So... Gabers get to see an Allergy Specialist!!! We have to pin point what he is allergic to before he goes back for his 9 month appointment or they wont give him any of his shots. Oh BOTHER!!! I was hoping Gabe would be like his mommy and not be allergic to anything. Dall is allergic to a few things like Horses, Cats and Grass. He's taking after daddy on this one! Thank goodness it didnt turn out to be more serious. And thank goodness for Benadryl and Tylenol. Gabe slept so soundly through the night. I got pictures of the Before and After but the After picture does not do the real thing justice.



What a Good Sport!!!