"That's What Christmas Is All About Charlie Brown..."

We had a Fantastic Christmas this year!!! It was filled with lots of family and i LOVE that about Christmas time. Probably my favorite part of it all was getting to go to Temple Square with my family on Christmas Eve.... something we haven't done before. It wasn't too cold which made it all the better. Gabe was asleep the whole time in his stroller... until we were ready to leave. It was Beautiful though. I sometimes find that with all the hustle and bustle we do to get ready for Christmas, the true reason why we celebrate gets lost in it all. I was able to really feel what Christmas is all about walking around the Temple grounds. Temple Square is one of my favorite places, but being there on Christmas Eve was really something else!
I had to take all sorts of pictures because it was simply too fantastic!

And my personal Favorite!!!



Our December... So Far.

This post is going to be a picture overload... but who doesn't like pictures right? We have been quite busy during the last month. I made sure I took a lot of pictures so that we could remember it all. So here is our end of November - December recap. 
At the end of November, my sisters, mom, Gabe and I took our annual Girls Trip weekend. We started at Oh Sweet Sadie and started off our Christmas shopping. Oh Sweet Sadie is Amazing. We probably spent an hour and a half there just browsing, trying on things and getting our own crafting ideas. Then we headed up to Park City where we would be spending the night. We went to a good place to eat but I cant remember the name.... Marni wasn't a huge fan of it though. Then we went back to our condo and spent the rest of the night watching Pretty Woman. The next day, we headed over to the Tanger Outlets and Shopped, Shopped, Shopped! Then on our way back we went to a few consignment stores and ended our trip at Tai Pan! I LOVE our girls weekends. It is something we all look forward to all year. 
Allie and I goofing off at OSS

Pretty enough to be a girl

Ok.. that is much better

I have done and am still doing a few little Christmas Crafts. This Advent Calender was the first project I did. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Thank You Wood Connection.

Then it was time for me to put up the Christmas Decorations.

Please excuse the guy from Dancing with the Stars on our TV. I got my Shelf done and hung right in time to start decorating.

And this is what I get to do every day now that my tree is up. Hang the ornaments back on the tree that Gabe has pulled off throughout the day. He just Loves the sparkly ornaments.

We also went to Zoo Lights with our BFF neighbors, the Lunds. It was the perfect night to go because it wasn't too cold. Gabe loved the tigers and Gorilla. I was quite scared of the gorilla however. It pounded it's chest and everything. I haven't been to the zoo since I was in 1st Grade. It was fun though. We will have to take Gabe back in the summer.

 And just because our little boy is too precious to not put these pictures up...

Sleeping on Aunt Allie's shoulder at Hobby Lobby

Just look at that adorable grin!!

We took a trip to Costco. Gabe is so little compared to these huge isle's.


6 Things I Love

Christmas Lights In The Snow

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

 Restoring Furniture

 Vintage Jewelry

White Kitchens

Green Lights


Our last week of October...

Our good friends, the Masias family came into town last week so we were able to spend some time with them. We went to Discovery Gateway and the kids LOVED it. Gabe loved all the exhibits.. mainly because everything was just his size. Now that he is walking, we were chasing him all over the place. Th child does not sit still for one second. He has taught himself to go up the stairs but when it comes time to go down.... he thinks he can just walk right down them. I am at his heals everywhere there are stairs that are not blocked off by a gate.... which is everywhere. So the next thing I will be doing is teaching him how to go down the stairs, the right way. 
Gabe on daddy's shoulders

Gabe loved this massive horse. He did not want to get off.

Thinkin he is a big boy now that he knows how to drive.

Dall found this hand puppet as we were leaving and gabe was getting the biggest kick out of it. He was giggling like crazy.

 Our Halloween was pretty Blah this year. I always say "Lets do something fun this year" but when it comes down to the actual day, we are both asking each other.... "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know, what do you want to do tonight?" Next year... I WILL do better! We dressed up though, which makes us not total duds. Gabe however hated everything we tried on him so I just got him cute, snuggly Halloween PJ's. He was adorable all the same.

The Lundquist Family - 10/30/10.

My Awesome staff at Dr. Anderson's Office. I Love working there!!!!


Conference Weekend...

So this post is a little late but hey, I have been a busy woman. Some of my family went down to Antimony over Conference weekend. It was so nice to get out of the city and enjoy some small town life for a little bit. We love going to Antiomony to see Grandpa Burr and spend some time with him.

The boys shootin the breeze on the porch.

Gabers is walking all over the place. He cant be stopped.

We "hunted rocks" up Dry Wash for my rock paths that I am putting in my yard. Gabe loved the rocks.

Love this picture... Dad, Mom, Gabe and Gramps.

Ha ha, I had to take a picture like this. Classic. And we all look soooo good too.


Nate, conspicuously going into the Out House. He he.



Well... He's 1!!!

Ok, I have to warn all the readers that this is going to get a little emotional so Beware!
I have had so many mixed emotions all day! I cant stop thinking about what I was doing at this exact time last year. Last night at 11:30pm... we were thinking about how my water broke and how it all BEGAN! I really wish I could go back to this day and relive it all over again. It was such an amazing, surreal, happy, emotional, adrenalin pumping through every vein day! And of coarse I say that because I know now that everything would be absolutely perfect... but when you are going through it, it is totally a different story. I keep thinking about the very first time I saw him, how he took my breath away, how he took everyone in the room's breath away. I still remember his little raspy cry, his blueish skin, the hematoma on his little skull, his adorable turned-up nose that I WAS NOT expecting, the look on Dall's face when he saw his baby boy for the first time, and the feeling I had when I held him in my arms and we just stared at each other. AMAZING! A year ago today our lives changed completely for the better... no... for the BEST. This little baby boy has brought so much joy and love and happiness in our lives. There have been so many days where we are completely overwhelmed with love as we stare at him sleeping or watch him playing. We never knew that such emotion existed until Gabe. As each month would go by and I would make my little post on the blog with his Egg Carton and his latest stats, I would get emotional every time, without fail. I get thinking about how I am never going to have that last month back with him or that he wont do "that" or "this" for the first time ever again. I just get so sad to see him get bigger and older. The list goes on and on. But I also look back at my last year with Gabe and I am amazed at how strong and eager his little spirit is. He wants to learn so much. He tests himself everyday by doing something he has not yet done. So he will try it... and hopes that the outcome is great. What a strong spirit and personality he has. He is only One and he is already starting to amaze me and Dall. Oh boy are we in for one wild ride!
So... to my Gabers, if you ever read this someday, know that you changed our world. You came to us at your Exact time! We love you so much and feel so blessed to have you in our lives. You are our World!!! Happy Birthday My Little Man.
Mommy & Daddy