Well... He's 1!!!

Ok, I have to warn all the readers that this is going to get a little emotional so Beware!
I have had so many mixed emotions all day! I cant stop thinking about what I was doing at this exact time last year. Last night at 11:30pm... we were thinking about how my water broke and how it all BEGAN! I really wish I could go back to this day and relive it all over again. It was such an amazing, surreal, happy, emotional, adrenalin pumping through every vein day! And of coarse I say that because I know now that everything would be absolutely perfect... but when you are going through it, it is totally a different story. I keep thinking about the very first time I saw him, how he took my breath away, how he took everyone in the room's breath away. I still remember his little raspy cry, his blueish skin, the hematoma on his little skull, his adorable turned-up nose that I WAS NOT expecting, the look on Dall's face when he saw his baby boy for the first time, and the feeling I had when I held him in my arms and we just stared at each other. AMAZING! A year ago today our lives changed completely for the better... no... for the BEST. This little baby boy has brought so much joy and love and happiness in our lives. There have been so many days where we are completely overwhelmed with love as we stare at him sleeping or watch him playing. We never knew that such emotion existed until Gabe. As each month would go by and I would make my little post on the blog with his Egg Carton and his latest stats, I would get emotional every time, without fail. I get thinking about how I am never going to have that last month back with him or that he wont do "that" or "this" for the first time ever again. I just get so sad to see him get bigger and older. The list goes on and on. But I also look back at my last year with Gabe and I am amazed at how strong and eager his little spirit is. He wants to learn so much. He tests himself everyday by doing something he has not yet done. So he will try it... and hopes that the outcome is great. What a strong spirit and personality he has. He is only One and he is already starting to amaze me and Dall. Oh boy are we in for one wild ride!
So... to my Gabers, if you ever read this someday, know that you changed our world. You came to us at your Exact time! We love you so much and feel so blessed to have you in our lives. You are our World!!! Happy Birthday My Little Man.
Mommy & Daddy



Gabe's Birthday Parties...

Although it isn't quite Gabe's birthday yet.... it's tomorrow.... we had two really fun birthday party's for him this weekend. We had one for Dall's side of the family and a combined party for Gabe and his cousin Avery, since their birthday's are only 8 days apart. Gabe LOVED having everyone over to his house to celebrate. (Especially Mollie... his girlfriend next door!) He got so much good stuff from all his family and friends. Mom was pretty excited about all the adorable clothes! Here is a picture of some of the family and friends that love Gabe so much!

We made Gabe's party a Ball Theme because he LOVES Balls!

Even Gabe's cake was a Baseball!

Gabe DID NOT like diving into his cake at all!!! In fact, he hated every minute of it. I don't know if it was the texture that he didn't like or all the people staring at him and waiting for him to do something spectacular. It was a Bust to say the least.

Party #1 was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who came to show their love for Gabers. We love you very much!

Party #2 was a lot of fun too. We TRIED to do the whole cake thing one more time to see if he would be in a better mood...

We had no such luck!
But he did get some more GOOD stuff.

Oh what a spoiled little boy!!! We love you Gabers. Cant wait to Celebrate your Real Birthday tomorrow!!!!!!!



Is this my son???

So I have been told that my son is Jack Jack from The Incredibles everywhere we go. I get stopped at least twice every time we go out. I would have to agree with all of them. They do have quite the resemblance. But not only do they look the same.... but they act the same too. That little monster that is SCREAMING to get out is definitely there in my Gabers. Sometimes I am just waiting for him to change colors and burst into a flaming ball of fire. No, but seriously..... so I must do the inevitable...... Gabe is Going to be Jack Jack for Halloween. It is only fitting.



A very hard day for Gabe!

Gabe had his long awaited allergy appointment today. For quite some time now, we have noticed that Gabe reacts to some of the things he eats. We first noticed something was up when he was about 4 months old. I had Dall watch him one night so Dall fed him formula. Well Gabe put up quite a fuss and about 5 minutes later, he threw up everything Dallas had just fed him... and some. So we quite with the formula for a little while until we had our 6 month check up with Gabe's Ped.
 He got the required immunizations for the 6 month check-up and everything else went well. It wasn't until I got home from his appointment that I noticed his eye lids bright red and puffy. He kept on itching them too. So I called his Doctor and they told me to come back to the office right away. I was just a little panicked. Gabe's doctor confirmed that he was allergic to one of the immunizations and we needed to go to an allergy specialist to do some testing before his 12 month check-up and immunizations.
 So in between then and now, there was a pretty scary incident. My mom was feeding Gabe a little bit of an Orange Dreamcicle and it only took him about 10 minutes before he started breaking out in rashes and started to swell. So I immediately drove home to give him some benadryl and on the way, he was coughing pretty bad and trying to clear his throat. I for sure thought that his throat was going to close up. I pulled in the driveway and got him out of the car and he started throwing up like crazy. I don't mean "spitting" up, like baby's do... I mean Throwing Up. It smelt just like adult Vomit (sorry.. too much information.) Needless to say, I was terrified. I got his Pediatrician on the phone and told him what was going on and he told me to give him Benadryl immediately and if the swelling doesn't go down in about 5-10 min, then take him to the ER. Luckily, his swelling went down and he started acting like his usual self in about 5 minutes time. So, I knew he must have been allergic to something in the Dreamcicle.
To make a long post even longer, we took Gabers to the Allergy Specialist today and got some testing done on what exactly he is allergic to. He got the little scratch test done and was a champ through all of that. As you can see in the picture below, 1 is Eggs and 2 is Milk and he is allergic to BOTH of them. Poor little guy. We figured as much though. Then, the Dr. wanted to get a blood draw to see just how allergic he was to both... so we know what to and what not give him for his 12 month immunizations, and to see his levels now compared to a year checkup.... to see if he will grow out of the allergy. This is where the day took a turn for the worst. It took 4 phlebotomists to "TRY" to find a vein. Yes I understand that he is a baby and Yes I understand that he is a "chunky little man" as they liked to call him, and Yes I understand that his veins were teeny tiny and couldn't be found through all his "Pudginess" but it took them 3 times to "try" to find a vein, and once they did, they couldn't get the syringe to suck out enough blood. They poked him in the left hand first, then the right, then she fiddled with the needle in the right crook of his arm for a while to "try" to find a vein. Meanwhile, Gabe is in absolute HYSTERICS as he is sitting on my lap and two nurses are pining his arms down while another nurse is digging a HUGE needle in his arm. I say "TRY" because I personally thought that NONE of them had a clue to what they were doing. I could see plenty of veins on his little hand. I don't think I have ever wanted to punch a bunch of women more in my life than in those moments in that Lab. And that is saying a LOT. Well, they didn't get all the blood they needed to run all the tests so I have to bring him back sometime this week to do it all over again. I can say that I now know what it feels like to NEVER want your child to have to go through any pain whatsoever. I want them to draw my blood, instead of his. I want to shield him from everything that may cause him pain. I love this little person so much and cherish his little life so much more than my own. Oh, he is my WORLD!!! After that horrible appointment was all over with, I took my baby home and snuggled with him for the rest of the day. I never left his side. He was just a little clingy.
Here are a couple pictures of today's events.