HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I hope every one has a wonderful and festive.. and safe Halloween! Tonight, dall and I and my brother and his wife are going to our cousins Halloween Party in Eagle Mountain. They dont know we are coming yet so it should be fun! Then we are either going to a haunted house or watching an old scary movie at my parents house. We are also sleeping over tonight due to our early girls day we are having with all the sisters tomorrow. I am quite excited!!! I am dressing up to be a baby... how quaint since i want one so bad! And Dall is going to be this scary Goth guy. Thats what he was last year and he didnt want to find a costume. The nerve, some people just CANT get into Halloween. So i will post pictures of our eventful night tomorrow. Happy Haunting!



Well it is a very exciting week for me and Dallas because... we paid off my car on Monday!! It really is the best feeling! Now we are just working on getting Dallas' car paid off. Hopefully we will be able to do have it payed off this time next year! We have just been having these feelings to get out of debt asap!! So that is what we are going to do! Yay for paying off debts!


What Angie's been up to..

So i have been entertaining myself well these days. I have been busy making picture frames and we headed down to Antimony this weekend for the 1 year anniversary of my grandma's death. My grandpa wanted as many of the family down there for this weekend. Not everyone could come so the ones that werent there were greatly missed. My grandpa spoke in church and gave a great talk about Love. He talked about my grandma and some lessons he learned through his life experiences. He is one of the greatest men i know and i feel so lucky to have him as my grandpa. I love him so much!! On top of the great meeting, we hepled clean up the yard a bit. Dallas helped cut down tree limbs and almost fell out of the tree. We also had a wedding reception to go to, babies to snuggle with and we did a lot of laughing. There was also a great vollyball tourny and most of us were badly bruised. I feel blessed to be a part of my awesome family! Here are some photos of the current events.

My mom did the pink and black one and i did the other two.

Me and my mommy.

I couldnt resist.. my mom's adorable yorkie Maggie.

Dall trying ti kill himself up in a tree.

Taking down tree limbs is HARD work!

Erin and I at Carlye's reception #2.

Cheesing it!!

Some of my dearest family members storming the wind. I'ts incredibly windy at the cemetary.

This is my grandma's beautiful gravesite. My grandpa hand picked each rock for it and made it look like a dry stream bed because my grandma loved beautiful rocks. How sweet is that!

And what would a trip to Antimony be without my father. He was a little hyper. I love that Man!!


My new creation...

So, a couple of weeks ago, my mom and i went to this cute children/baby store on 9th and 9th and we saw these cute picture frames with stripes and polka-dots and cute bows. I wanted to get one but then my mom said that we could make them and it would be easy too. So, we went to one of our favorite stores, Roberts, bought plain wood picture frames and cute paint colors to create our cute picture frames. My mom was making one for my sisters baby's nursery. They were really easy and fun to make. I am not crafty at all so i must say i am quite proud of myself. The one my mom made is black with pink polka-dots and a pink bow. I will NOT stop there. If anyone wants one, i will make one for ya!