I am more than excited because I just ordered this...
That's right... the new Project Life 2011 Amber Edition!
I came across Becky Higgins blog last year in January and I fell in love! This woman is AMAZING! She does pretty much everything. She has been around for a long time and I feel jipped that I only just found out about her a year ago. She first got started scrap booking and it went off from there. She has such amazing ideas in SO many areas..... Organization, Decorating, Scrap booking, Cooking, Crafting, Documenting Life and so much more! Becky, I want to be more like you!!!
So, onto my Project Life story. When Gabe was born, we took pictures of Everything, as most new mothers know. I felt like every time he would move, i had to capture it. I was worried that as he got older and as we got use to the adorable things he did, we would forget to capture it with a photo. My parents can attest to that. We only have pictures growing up of the Special Events that went on like recitals, holidays, birthdays, soccer games, choir..... you know, the usual. Which is great and all, but what about the other days? Like the days where all you do is lounge around the house and play with trucks and blocks and change poopy diapers. Those are moments that you want to remember too right? Ha ha ha... Insert Project Life! I was immediately drawn to this concept. Take a picture a day for a year and write a little snipit about it... there, your done. As you can see from the gorgeous picture above, Becky has put her heart into designing an awesome Kit.
 I started started Project Life on February 14th last year so by album is almost finished and I can say that I have loved every minute of doing it. That final result is fantastic and my family can look back on all the stuff we did and be glad that I documented it. I cant wait to get my new one and get started! You NEED to check out Becky's Blog, you'll be sold too! 



All About Gabe

On New Years Eve night, we spent the evening hanging with some good friends. And I did something so spur of the moment.... I had our friend Nicole give Gabe his first hair cut. This was a very big deal to me because I did not want to cut it! I wanted to grow it out. But, I guess there will be plenty of time for that. I just wont give him another hair cut for quite a while and let it grow out a bit. I just LOVE little blond boys with shaggy hair and I don't know why. Dallas wanted to cut it a long time ago but he knew that Gabe's hair would only get cut when I said so! But I will have to say it looks cute cut too!

I also wanted to write down all the cute things Gabe is saying and doing so that I will always remember.
At 15 months, Gabe is saying:
Kuh Kuh.. as in Yuck
This... with a lisp
Bampa (Grandpa)
Nana (Grandma)
Ayi (Allie)
Duggie (Doggie)
Uh Oh

At 15 months, gabe is:
Running... or speed walking
Giving kisses
Throwing the Ball
Loves to Shower with dad
Throwing his head back when he is upset
Growling when he is upset



Gabe's trip to the ER

I finally have a second to sit down and write about Gabe's... and my HORRIBLE Day. Where to begin. I was starting to take down my Christmas decorations and Gabe was keeping busy playing. He loves to climb on the dining room chairs and stand on them. Well, he has found out that climbing on the barstools is way more fun. I put them on their side so I wouldn't have to worry about Gabe and his climbing. I was taking off the tree ornaments when I heard the barstool slam to the floor and Gabe screaming. I ran over to him and saw blood everywhere. I started looking him over to see where all the blood was coming from. I looked down at his right foot and saw that his big toe was covered in blood. My immediate thought was "Oh my gosh, he has severed his big toe..... it's going to fall off." The first thing i did was run him to the kitchen sink, blood dripping everywhere, and run water over it so I could see how bad it really was. That didn't help much because the bleeding was so bad. So I then took a bunch of paper towels and tried to hold them to his toe so that I could control the bleeding to a certain extent. I found that to be pretty much impossible when your 15 month old is screaming and wiggling because he is in so much pain. I ran into my bedroom with Gabe in my arms and found my phone. The first person I thought to call was my mom since I needed help and she lives the closest to me. While we waited for her to get to my house, we sat on the bed and rocked. I was trying to comfort him as much as I could but he was not having any of it. I was freaking out if you can imagine. When my mom showed up, we got in the car and went to the Riverton Hospital ER. Gabe was kind of in a zone while we were driving. I don't know if it was because of the car ride or if it was because he was just exhausted from the accident. I also called dall and filled him in on what was going on. He told me to keep him posted. They got us right in to see the Doctor on call and he was so good with Gabe. He was patient through all of Gabe's screaming and he was doing a great job calming him down. He wanted to soak his toe in antibacterial liquid for a little while to get all the infection out. Gabe did not like that one bit since it was cold on his toe and it probably stung a little bit. Then we took some x-rays on his little foot to see if there was any bone damage or fractures. Come to find out, the tip of his big toe is fractured because of the weight of the barstool hitting it. Also, when the barstool hit his toe, it cut it right below the nail bed and sliced it pretty deep. The good thing about this is that it didn't hit the nail bed so even though his toe nail will probably fall off, his toe nail will definitely grow back normally. I was very happy about this. Although the cut is pretty deep, the Dr. said that there really was no point to give him stitches because the skin below the nail is so thin, especially on a 15 month old. So, he decided to drill a hole through Gabe's nail to release the blood and pressure that was under it. The Dr. said that Gabe should feel a lot better after that. Then he wrapped his toe and foot with a LOT of tape and gauze for padding and protection. His toe will be in a lot of pain for quite a while since he has a deep cut and a bone fracture. We need to change his tape and gauze daily and the Dr. put him on an antibiotic that he needs to take 4 times a day. We will need to keep a close eye on it for the next day or so to make sure there are no signs of infection. Gabe was such a brave boy throughout all of this. Although he was in a lot of pain, he was still saying "Hi" to everyone he saw and showing off his adorable personality. He was a hit with all the nurses. We were there so long, he even got an hour nap in there. So, quite the scary and eventful day at the Lundquist home. I just hope he sleeps ok tonight.
Here are a couple of pictures I took from my phone at the ER.

This picture was taken after it was all cleaned up

Gabe fell asleep because he was so tired... he flinched through the whole nap

Can we say OUCH!!!!!!


New Year's Resolutions

So... being that it is now 2011, I am so excited to get a go at it! I have taken much thought in the goals, resolutions and projects that I want to accomplish this year. It is consuming my mind!!! And since I am the QUEEN of making list's, I made two. One for 2011 Projects and the other for 2011 Goals. I have also placed a few copies of them throughout my house just so I can constantly remind myself  how crazy I am. I will probably regret this post immediately after I make it public but I am going to let you into my little world of "My brain is going a thousand miles a minute" and admit that I am... Dum Dum Dum.... My Mothers Daughter! (I love you mom!) So, here goes.

2011 Goals 

Read The Book of Mormon FRONT TO BACK without getting distracted and then forgetting to read it. I think I can do one chapter a day
Read more Uplifting Novels
Finish reading the series that I have started
Eat healthier
Cook more for my sweet family
Lose 15 Ibs.....
Oh and get my six pack back... or just get a six pack, since I never had one in the first place

2011 Projects

Finish Gabe's room (Board and Batten)
Refurbish Kitchen Table and Chairs
Make a Shelf/ Mantle for front room
Make shelves for Master Closet
Make or refurbish Bookshelf for Front Room
Make a Headboard
Buy quilt for master Bedroom
Refurbish tall Dresser for Master Bedroom
Put Bead board on Kitchen Island
Paint Ceiling
Put in Back Yard
Frame the Bathroom Mirrors with Molding

Hmmmmm... can I think of anything else?
You are all probably feeling really sorry for my husband right now. But I will add that I will be doing most of that By Myself!!!! And I am going to find the time where??? I am not quite sure yet... but I have 365 days to figure it all out.
Happy New Year and wish me luck!