$$$The Government Check$$$

So, i get home from work today and open my mail. What did I find but a letter saying that our government check was processed on the 16th. So i got on the computer and got into our bank account online and sure enough, there it was in all it's glory!!!! There is really no better feeling than getting money JUST BECAUSE!!!! I really couldnt be happier. This totally turned around my horrible Monday.. well, it really turned around my week. What a blessing. Just wanted to share my feelings of joy at this current time!


Dall's B-Day..

So it was Dallas's Birthday on Saturday. He is now 24, just like me. I am a month and a 1/2 older than him. So I pretty much ruined his birthday last year, with planning for the wedding and trying to move into our apartment. Ya, we will just say i slaughtered it. So I wanted to make up for it this year. So i did the race for the cure that morning, which i dont think he minded because he was still sleeping. But i made him and I a couples massage at Massage Envy for an hour full body massage. I didnt tell him until right before and he was shocked that i put that much thought into his birthday. The massage was great!!! We both were in heaven, and it was fun because they had us in the same room so we could talk. Then we ate a quick bite, browsed at the Nordstrom Rack, and went to Tucci's for dinner which is his favorite resteraunt. The food was fabulous. Then I took him to see "What happens in Vegas." It was really funny and i Highly recommend it. Then we went home. But he was very happy about the whole day. So HUNNY... I LOVE YOU and i hope you had a happy birthday!!!


Some more photos..

So now that i have this blogging stuff semi-figured out, i wanted to post some more fun pictures of exciting dates that happened previous to this wonderful, informative blog. Hope ya likes.

I decorated out apartment for Valentines Day. I LOVE streamers. It was very fun for me to do. I think Dall liked it.

This was taken at the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition for our family to go every year.

This of course would be Halloween. I was an 80's rocker and dallas was... a really scary guy you wouldnt want to be caught alone with in an alley.

This was taken at my best friend Ali's wedding reception. She had it at Rice Eccles and the view was Amazing. This picture does not do it justice.



So.. as all of you can see, I changed my background! This is really exciting for me because everytime i had tried before, it just wouldnt work. But i did it one last and final time and it worked!! I really like it too. It is very spring/summery. Very green and happy. So that is all. P.S. Please find on my playlist "No Air" by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown. Oh my goodness, if you have not heard this song.... well you need to listen to it all the way through because it is amazing. I love it!!!! I'm going to bed now. Night!