3 months for little man...

Well, my baby boy is 3 months!!! I cannot believe how the time has flown. He is getting the cutest personality. We just fall more in love with him every day. Here are a few things Gabe has started doing this month:
*Smiling a TON at mommy everytime he see's her.
*Grabing at his binki and pulling it out of his mouth, then putting it back in.
*Splashing in the tub when we give him baths because he is so excited.
*Watches the TV with daddy, especially sports.
*Is very unhappy when he is sitting in a poopy daiper.
*Throws little tantrums when he doesn't get food fast enough.
*Starting to drool and blow bubbles.
Let these pictures speak for themselves.

Christmas Was Fab!!!

This year, Christmas was wonderful!!! We spent a lot of time with our families and enjoyed every minute of it. My side of the family always has a Christmas Eve Eve party on the 23rd. We eat great food, exchange presents and play games all night long. This year, my brother-in-law Landon made a disc with lots of pictures my family took throughout the whole year. He put it to music and added some Jib Jab skits in there. It had us all in tears from laughing so hard. I had the worst stomach cramp by the end of it. We thought it was such a great idea that we are making that a yearly tradition as well. We spent Christmas Eve visiting with Dall's grandparents. Then we went out for Sushi with my family after they got done with the Nutcracker at Capitol Theater. We spent the night watching Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas... then it was off to bed.
 I would have to say that one HUGE reason why our Christmas was so great is because of our Gabers! He made everything so much more magical. Sounds cheesy but it is true. Here are a few random pictures from our Christmas Holiday.

And I got a sewing machine!!!!! I was so excited to get this. I had absolutely no idea!


Just Some Randomness..

So I dont really have anything specific to post about, other than my adorable baby boy who is growing and getting cuter every day. We have had a few Family Christmas Parties this month, which have been really fun. It has been nice to see and spend time with my family that I dont get to see enough throughout the year. I am getting really excited for Christmas!! Mainly because this is our first Christmas with our Gabers and although he has no idea what is going on, it is just so fun to have him here with us! He does love the lights on the Christmas Trees though. He will stare at them for hours... until his eye lids get to heavy to stay open. He is smiling a ton at us now and I have to say that he is going to be a lady killer with that smile!! I should be worried, very worried. So here are some pictures of the comings and goings of December.

Oh I Love this little crunch! He just melts my heart.Gabe has been doing Tummy Time for quite some time now. He is a pro at it. The very first time he did it, he rolled over! We were so excited to say the least.
Gabe in the process of rolling over... and might I say that Red is definately his color!!! Go Utes!
Dallas and I at one of our Christmas Parties.
All of my sisters, my mom and Emma at the Burr Christmas Party.
I love this picture of Gabe. It is just one of the many silly faces he pulls. His crusty on his face matches mine.. Ha ha!
Me and my little man.
Allie was holding him and he gave her the biggest smiles. He loves his Aunt Allie.
Can we say Lady Killer!!! I love this little boys smile! It is obsessive!!!


Dudly Do Right!

So Here Is the newest member of our family.. Dudly! Aint he just Adorable?? My mother picked him up today for a Christmas Present. Oh We all love him, He is so tiny. Maggie is going to have a boyfriend now!


Gabe's 2 Month/ Dr. Visit

Well Gabe is 2 Months now!! I cant believe my baby boy is 2 months!!! The time goes by so fast. Gabe has started to learn new things in this last month.
*He has started to smile big for mom and dad.
*He smiles for a few other people too, like Grandma and Aunt Allie.
*He is getting to be such a little talker too.
*He loves it when you blow kisses on his belly.
*Now he only falls asleep when he is being rocked to Karen Carpenter.(Something my Dad did to all of us when we were babies.)
*He loves to stare at the Christmas lights on the tree. He will stare until he falls asleep.
*He knows the difference between sitting down and standing up when you are holding him. He Only likes it when you are standing up!
Oh we LOVE our baby boy Gabers!

Gabe went into his 2 month Doctor visit on Monday, November 30th. He was such a good boy. They weighed him and took all his measurements and he was a little angel through all of it. He weighs 10 ibs 2 oz, and is now 21 inches long (which I believe is a little off, I think he is longer than that!)He is in the 75% of his weight, which is great. His daddy is very proud that he is putting on some "Meat." Gabe was happy and talking the whole appointment, until I put him on the table for the dredded shots. Oh boy he was not a happy camper when the nurse poked him 3 times in the leg. He flinched for the first shot, then he held his breath for about 10 seconds for the second and third shots. His face went bright red and he let out the saddest cry I have ever heard. Poor little guy! He was not too happy with mommy for a little while. Here he is, tuckered out from a long day of pain!

Oh, and here are two cute pictures of Grandma Leslie with Gabe and Grandma Dawn and uncle Kellan when they were down here visiting! We love you guys!


Our Thanksgiving this year was fabulous! We had it at my parents house and everyone was there... except for Nate and April who were missed to say the least! We had Grandpa Burr there and the food was sooo Amazing! We snacked on Pickle Rolls and Veggie Trays until we were able to start our Feast! We played a very competitive game of Chinese Checkers... that I dominated! That is always our game of choice whenever we all get together and if you dont know how to play, I suggest you learn because it is so fun! Now onto the mushy stuff. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who has put up with me for literally 10 years. I am so grateful for our baby boy! I do not know how we lived without him for so long! He is such a miracle and I am so lucky to be his mommy! I am grateful for my parents who raised me in the church and taught me right from wrong. They were and will always be wonderful examples on the way I want to treat my spouse and raise my children. Thanks Mom & Dad. I am so grateful for my Grandparents and the knowledge and wisdom they have shared with me. I am grateful for my siblings! They are my best friends and I feel so fortunate to have all of them in my life. I am also very grateful for Dallas' family. I love them so much and I am grateful that they love me and accept me into their family.
Ok, so here are a few pictures from our day. We got a little hyper in the later hours of the night so I decided to NOT post any of those pictures for the safety of all the readers. Enjoy!


Gabe's Blessing and Halloween

Dallas blessed Gabriel in my parents ward on November 1st. It was such a wonderful day. We had so much family come and support Gabe on his special day. Dallas gave a wonderful blessing, promising wonderful things. I am so grateful for him and I love him so much. It is a day we will both never forget. After the meeting, we invited our close family members to the house for a nice brunch. The food was delicious and the company was even better. I feel like the luckiest mommy in the entire world. I have the Best husband and Best baby boy!!!

Some cute pictures of Gabe on his blessing day.

We are so proud to be Gabe's parents.

Four generations of Lundquist's. This was a pretty neat moment for Dallas.

The proud parents, Gabers and Grandpa Burr. We were so glad he was able to come up from Antimony for Gabe's blessing. We don't get to see him enough and we love him SO much. he stayed with us while he was up here so he got to bond with Gabe. It is so cute seeing my baby boy in my Grandpa's arms! A moment I will never forget.

Gabe was not a happy boy when we took these pictures. He just got woken up from a nap in Grandpa's arms and he was very hungry. We tried very hard to console him but he was not having it. Cutest skeleton I have ever seen though!!