Day 12...

Day 12: Sunset

I LOVE sunsets!!! There is something about a summer sunset that makes me so happy. Dusk us the perfect time of day in the summer. It is a magical time.


Day 11...

Day 11: Something Blue

I am LOVING my new pedicure!!! Such a fun blue color and cute little flowers too. Now I can feel great wearing my flip flops. Excuse the tan line!

Day 10...

Day 10: Childhood Memory

 Since I was a little girl, my family would go to The Nutcracker at Capitol Theatre every Christmas Eve. I have so many wonderful memories here at Capitol Theatre. Watching the ballet, Christmas Eve seemed so much more magical. We still go even now and when Gabe gets older, we are going to take him. Hopefully he likes it as much as I did but I have to remember that he is a little boy and ballet doesn't really fall in the "favorite things little boys like to do" list.


Day 9...

Day 9: Someone I Love

This little boy is the center of my universe. He.... and dallas..... are the reason why I wake up every morning. He is my little ray of sunshine. I love him so much.
I love you Gabers. My little man.


Day 8...

Day 8: A Bad Habbit

Since I was little, I have had this strange habbit with twisting my hair. I LOVE twisting it until I can wrap it around my finger and then I PINCH it.... yes, I pinch my hair. Well, it's more like squeezing it together in between my fingers. Awe... I love how it feels. I do it most when I am watching a movie or show at home, when I am tired, when I am bored and when I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Often I wake up to a nice rats nest in my hair that I have created during the night. This makes for horrible bed head. I hope that one day I can overcome this bad strange bad habbit of mine.


Day 7...

Day 7: Fruit

Strawberry's are my Favorite fruit!!! We always have some in our fridge. Gabe loves them too. I love summer because you know that your favorite fruits are in season. YUM!!!


Day 6...

Day 6: From a Low Angle

It's very interesting when you get down on your childs level and see what they are seeing on a regular basis. This water spout by my parents drinking fountain was so interesting to Gabe. He Loved it. I never give it a second glance or thought. I think I should get down on his level more often. I like seeing his world and I might miss something good if I don't take the time to do so.

Day 5...

Day 5 : From a High Angle

Seriously, could she be any cuter. I love taking pictures looking down on little kids. Meet Emma Mae, my niece. Emma is quite photogenic. She loves the camera and will smile for every picture that is taken of her. She is obsessive, isn't she?


Day 4...

Day 4: Something Green

I have these little green balls on my shelf in my front room. I love them. I got them at Tai Pan... of coarse. I am loving Green in my house right now. Everywhere you look there is something green.

Day 3...

Day 3: Clouds

I am so lucky to have this as my view every day. Not necessarily the clouds, but the Temple. But the clouds definately make this picture. Absolutly Gorgeous!!!


Day 2...

Day 2: What I Wore Today

I usually don't get dressed up like this on any old day.... yes, this is me dressing up. I worked today so I HAD to look a little better than normal. I am usually in comfy shorts and a shade working in my yard.
Today I wore some green Capri's and a cream shirt from DownEast. The Pink necklace is old and I have no idea where I got it. My shoes are from Forever Young. Dall picked them out himself.


30 Day Photography Challenge...

Thanks to my best friend Ali, I am doing a 30 Day Photography Challenge. I think this is a great idea. If you want to learn more about it, visit this link.

White Peach Photo

Day 1: Self Portrait


The Month of May

Our month of May was quite nice.  The weather started to get nice, we played outside a LOT and of coarse I took a ton of pictures... so here are just a few that I Love.

One of the days we were outside enjoying the nice weather, Gabe decided to dig into the dirt and give it a little taste. This doesn't surprise me because yes, I ate dirt as a child. Luckily I outgrew it so I hope he does too. 

One Friday night, we went to get sandwiches and some Fro Yo at Menchies... which has got to be the BEST Frozen Yogurt in South Jordan. It was so delicious.... and doesn't my boy look delicious too??? I think so.

What we got here is some morning hair and a sleepy grin.

Sleeping soundly in the car. This is where some of his best sleeping happens. He loves the bumpy ride.

We had little visitors too. Olivia and Boston and their mommies (my best friends) came to play. They will all be in the same school year and they WILL be best friends. They played so cute together. Olivia is so dainty, Gabe is very territorial over his toys and Boston has just learned to walk and is exploring his new territory. It was so fun to have all of them together and it was so great to see Ali and Kristen!!!

Looking at something pretty neat out the window.

Over Memorial Day, we took a little trip down to Southern Utah to visit Gramps Burr. The weather in Antimony was wonderful and sunny. I love this picture. It is so precious to me. They are just sitting back on the bench, enjoying the nice day.

Gramps doing his yard work.. and boy does it look good.

Next to Grandpa Kev, Gabes favorite person is uncle Na na. Nate was showing Gabe all the chickens.

I threw a baby shower for one of the girls at my work. It turned out really good. Shayla got lots of cute things for her baby girl. We are so excited for her to have this baby. She is naming her Chloe and the theme of the shower was Black and Pink so I made this Onsie banner to match.

And what's a baby shower without some cute Pom Poms.

I made these mini cheesecakes that were sooooo delicious. Thank goodness there were quite a bit left over cause I ate them all!!!