NeW PoSt!!!

So I am finally posting!! It has been quite a while and I feel like I have come back from the dead. I didnt have a wonderful 1st trimester and I spent most of my time in bed. But I am feeling much better. So the latest fun thing we did was go to Antimony over the weekend to relax and spend time with family and Grandpa. A few of my siblings couldnt not go and they were missed grately. But we had a lot of fun. We went Rock Hunting with the kiddies and they LOVED it! They all filled buckets full of rocks to take home. Marni also put the boys in charge of gathering rocks for her yard. Dallas, Landon and Grandpa did it with smiles on their faces while Marni sat on a rock with Avery and deligated which rocks she wanted. We had a picnic up the canyon because it was such a warm day! Then on Sunday we drove to Gramdma's grave site and talked a while and Grandpa wanted all of us to walk back into town, which is about 2 miles of a walk. The kids loved it about half way into it, then they wanted to get carried all the way home because their legs hurt. I thought it was funny. My back was not liking me after that long walk. All in all it was a wonderful weekend! I needed to get down to Antimony. It was great spending time with my family, especially my Grandpa. I have been going down to Antimony with my family for about 13 years. There are many memories I have there and it is almost thereputic when I am there! I love it!!

And last is the first Belly picture. I took this when I was exactly 15 weeks. I know... I'm quite large in the belly for only 15 weeks. And this is why... when I went in for my 14 week Dr. appointment, he measured my from my belly button to my pelvic bone, which I'm sure all OB's do. Anywho, he measured me twice and looked at me funny. He said "Did you know that the space I just measured is extremely small? Probably the smallest space I have seen on a stomach." I didnt really know what he meant so I said "Is that a bad thing?" Then he said " No but you will show really early on in your pregnancy and you will cary the baby high and far out. You wont be very comfortable from week 28 to delivery." So.. that was a joyous thing to hear. It caught me by surprise because I always thought I had a really long torso. I guess I didnt know a thing!