Sharing our news

I am so excited we finally announced that we are starting the adoption process. We have held it in for quite some time now and we are so glad to share it. We are currently in the process of getting everything ready to schedule our Home Study. We have sent in our BCI's and we're just waiting for them to come back. It can take anywhere from four to eight weeks we were told. Once they are back, we can schedule our Home Study and move forward from there. Very exciting. We are fairly certain we have chosen our agency we will be working with so I will keep you posted when that is final. We want to keep our blog updated with all the progress we are making. We think it will be a fun way to keep all our friends and family informed.
Some of my thoughts... I find myself daydreaming about adoption and our future child. It is always on my mind. I feel like I can take a big, deep breath. That sounds silly but for so long, we have fought the hard battle of infertility and it is so tiring. There was a time, and it wasn't long ago, when people would ask me how I was doing or how I was holding up and I would have to put on my smile and say that I was doing "ok." I didn't want to share how I was really feeling. I didn't want to burden anyone. However, I am finding that although the sting of our infertility is still there, it is not crippling me. I am excited and hopeful about our families future. Two emotions I haven't felt very often in a long time. It is amazing how the Lord's timing works. If not for our trials we have had to face these last four years, we probably would not be going down this wonderful road.  
We are overwhelmed with the love and support we  have felt from everyone since we have made our announcement. Thank you for sharing your excitement and sweet comments. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many friends and family. We are truly grateful.