Laser Hair Removal!

Ok... so i dont want to admit this but YES, I do laser hair removal. So I got the whole process done last year, about 5 months before i got married. It worked great when I was getting it done. They said that I would have to come back to get touch-ups for the random hairs that will still grow back... thiner and finer but still there. Well, I was one of the cases that it has actually gotten worse for. The hair that i WAS trying to get rid of was a lot thiner before i had it done than it is now. Oh the tears I have shed over this small but sensitive subject. So... after some family conversation and pressure, I called the place up where i had it done and complained. I basically said that everything it was suposed to do did the exact opposite. So they are doing a few more treatments on me at a stonger pulse than they used before, and for free. But can I say OUCH!!!!!! It hurt really bad before but this is 100 times worse. I even put numbing cream on before. So... my face feals like its on fire and it is still numb! (3 hours later) So i guess we'll see if it works this time.


Our 1st Anniversary..

So that Saturday was out 1 year anniversary. Oh how a year goes by. It is definately bittersweet. Dallas woke me up early Saturday morning and had me pack a bag for overnight. So we went on a "drive" in the Park City direction. We made our first stop at the Olympic Park in Park City and that was awesome. We got to see the bobsled and actual pro skiers training. They would ski down this slope that was drenched with water and do tricks off it and land in a big pool. We thought it was awesome. Then after that, he took me up to Deer Valley to a lodge were we would be staying called The Chateau at Silver Lake. It was awesome. Then we went to Grappa, which is a very good Italian resteraunt. All in all, I got spoiled. I love my husband so much and i'm grateful to have him as my companion! Aw... Tear. Here are some pics.

This was the bobsled. Dall wanted to go on it so bad. I chickened out.

This was the entrance to the Lodge from the underground parking. Are ya kidding me?!

Just takin it easy. Please notice the Robe!

Dall surprised me with my third band! I was SOOOOOO excited!!!


St. George Weekend..

So Dallas and I had the fun opportunity to head down to St. George for the weekend for a friends wedding. It was very nice to get out of the city for a couple days. The weather was perfect and it was good to see our good friends Kade and Megan at their reception. I posted a few pics so please enjoy.

Our happy drive down. All smiles... for now at least.

First Class right here.

Probably the cheapest hotel in St. George.

So Sweet...

We got some pretty faces goin on.

The happy newlyweds, Kade and Megan.

Kade and Dall being tough.

It was very bright.

I think he swallowed some major water.

Cannon Ball