Our Adoption Journey

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and reading about our adoption story. We are so excited to start this journey and we look forward to sharing the process along the way. 

Dallas and I have had a strong desire to adopt for many years. We have watched my siblings grow their families through adoption and we’ve witnessed the wonderful blessing adoption has been in their lives, as well as ours.

To back up a few years, Dallas and I met in High School. We dated on and off all throughout until Dallas left on his mission to Little Rock, Arkansas. I continued dating and kept busy with college, jobs and pageants. When Dallas got home from his mission, we wanted to make sure the “spark” was still there and after two years of dating, we got married.

We always knew we wanted a big family. We both have big families and we love the dynamic. We found out I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis, which makes it a little more difficult to get pregnant. However, after four months of trying, we got pregnant with our son Gabe. We started to try for baby number two when Gabe was a year and a half. We were able to get pregnant shortly after but the pregnancy resulted in miscarriage at eight weeks. It has been four years since we started to try for baby number two and since then, we have tried to conceive with clomid, femara, undergone six IUI’s (Intrauterine Insemination) and two IVF’s (In vitro Fertilization). We were able to get pregnant six times but they all resulted in miscarriage. As hard a trial as infertility has been, the amazing door of adoption would not be open to us without it. I am grateful for this trial and we are so excited for the blessing that is coming our way.

Infertility treatments are usually not covered by Insurance and our Insurance definitely hasn’t covered a dime. The cost of adoption is quite expensive as well. When we told our families that we wanted to adopt, they were so excited for us. One of our sisters approached us recently about an idea to coordinate a puzzle fundraiser. Since then, we have had other family members express interest in helping out. We are touched by the generosity and willingness to assist. If you would like to find out more about the fundraiser and how you can help, click here. We appreciate your love and support.

We want to grow our family more than anything. Gabe is so excited to be a big brother! Stay tuned as we move along on our adoption Journey.

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Nate and Jamie said...

Good luck Angie!! We're rooting for you guys!