And so it comes to an end..

... and HELLO Beautiful Autumn!

On another note.. look how good a baby looks in Dallas's arms!!! Dallas is holding baby Lucas, my cousin Erins baby. He is so cute! I'm only making a big deal about this picture because a. I am extremely baby hungry and b. Dallas thinks babies are too fragile for him to hold. He is affraid he will break them. So I LOVE this picture... and dallas is a natural!


MJacobs said...

Lee was the same way about holding babies, but when it is your own, it just comes natural and you and Dal will love it! Come an Ang! Tell Dall to buck up and be a man and get you pregnant! ha ha! I am baby hungry for you too!

Kristen & Brandon said...

I'm all about the team fall!!! I love the crisp nights, the changing of the leaves... My fave time of year! When can we get together!? I have my procedure tomorrow, I'm so not excited about it... :( But love you!