Busy but Great Weekend..

Well, this weekend was crazy busy, but wonderful. It started out with a Doctors visit.. the one that women arent too excited for. Then Friday night, my sister Marni who was almost nine months prego said she was having back pains. She was concerned because she thought she might be going into labor. They live an hour away from the hospital the are delivering at so she packed her bags just in case. Sure enough, she was having contractions every couple minutes. Well, she had the her baby girl at 5:00 am Saturday morning so neither her or Landon got much sleep. They named her Avery Francis Reid. She is so beautiful and healthy and as Marni has said "ALL HERS!!" It is so exciting to have a baby in the family again. And probably soon, my oldest sister will be adopting. It's just so exciting. And i'm only just extremely baby hungry! I LOVE my family!

I love this baby girl!!!

On Saturday night, we hung out with our good friends Kristen and Brandon. It has been a while since we did a fun date night with them and it was long overdue. We met up at Zuppas for some good sandwhiches/ soup/ salad. Then we went to Boondocks and did the mini golf thing.. which was great. I actually didnt do that bad like I always do at that particular activity. Then we went to coldstone for Icecream. You always have to end a date with good ice cream. Well, at least me and Kristen thought so. The boys didnt partake. But the best part of the night was the great conversation. We could talk to them for hours. They are so funny and wise. Thanks Kris and Brandon for a great night!! Love you!
Dallas and Brandon side tracked..

Eating yummy food at ZUPPAS!! Brandon didnt like it so much!

And last but not least... Sunday, me and dall and my parents went to my cousins Erin and Dans ward in Spanish Fork for their baby boy Lucas' blessing day. It was such a great meeting. The blessing itself was so special. There is seriously nothing more special than knowing that you are going to be sealed to your husband and your precious babies for eternity. I am so grateful for my faith and for my family that i will be together with forever!! I hope i will NEVER take that for granted!


Kristen and Brandon said...

You JERK!!! You posted the pic where I was in the process of blinking! :( I know you had another cute one on your camera... Lame, but I will forgive you... People will think that your friend was high... grrr

TyandKolbi said...

I'm so glad to hear that Marni's baby arrived safely and is healthy! Dallas looks so natural with a baby in his arms.....

Emily said...

The baby look suites you both so well! I can't believe it! You guys better get cookin'! Dallas looks like a natural!

Lisa Nielsen said...

ANGIE! How are you? I'm glad you blog stalked me! Ha ha! You look darling with short hair, is it still short? It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun and a new baby in the family is always so exciting.