He's 4 Months!!!

I know I say this every time but I CANT believe my baby boy is growing so fast! I mean 4 months... Already!!!! Being this little boy's Mommy has been amazing. I was just telling Dall the other day that I wish we would have had Gabe sooner. We just didnt know what we were missing out on. Oh the past month Gabe has grown so much. I'm taking him to the Doctor for his 4 month appointment tomorrow so I will have his Stats then. Some things I have notied about Gabe in the last month are:
*Loves to play Paticake
*Laughs at Momma when she plays Peek-a-Boo
*Fitting almost his whole fist into his mouth and sucking like crazy
*Loves to look at himself in the mirror
*Laughs when Mom or Grandma blows on his stomach (he is tickleish from our hair)
*Still likes to be rocked to sleep to Karen Carpenter
*Takes two long naps for momma in the day so she can get things done
*Has conversations with us all day long. He has to tell us all about it
*Puts his fingers in mom and dad's mouth
I also have noticed that he is growing a little more hair. It is still really light and he doesnt seem to have any weird cowlicks. He has a little red birthmark (raspberry) on his back that has not gone away yet. I dont know if it will either. He also gets a little scared if he is being held by someone he hasnt been around too much. He has a particular cry for that. Otherwise, his cry is just a little whine. It is so cute and it is hard for me to take him seriously. I am going to go a little picture crazy now.

 Arent those some gorgeous eyes?Notice his fists.
Blowing the bubbles.
Snuggling with Grams.
He is our Happy Baby Boy! Please let the next month go by slower!!!


Ali and Josh Holt said...

Haha! That 3rd picture cracks me up! Its SUCH a mischeievious face...I have a feeling you will be seeing that one for many more years to come, especially when our boys get together. Oh and please dont wish away this next month to go slower...It needs to SPEED UP!!! :)

John and Jami West said...

Oh my goodness Angie!! He is unbelievably cute!!! I just want to kiss his cute cute face!! Oh I wuv him!!

Melanie said...

I say this every time but he really is so cute! I can totally see both you and Dall in him. He got some good genes! :) Before you know it, it will be his 1st birthday, then his 2nd and so on! I agree it goes by way too fast and it makes you so sad and happy at the same time! I can't believe I am already almost to my 2nd! I need to see him soon and I love you!

TyandKolbi said...

Oh, I could just eat him. He is simply scrumpious :) Give him kisses for me!

How is your house coming along? We drove down in that area and I think I have it picked out (well between two). I can't wait for you to live so close!