Gabe is 7 Months Old...

I cannot believe that we are here! Another month has flown by too fast, as always, but we are having the time of our lives with this little angel. I feel like there has been a lot of growth with Gabe this last month. He is learning to do new things everyday and I am so surprised everytime I witness it. Am I the only one that thinks GROWTH is just amazing?!?! It really is a miracle in my eyes. Here is Gabe in all his glory... and the egg carton that he found so interesting.

Some new things Gabe is doing are:
*Rolling over and over and over and over and almost falling off the bed
*Sitting up on his own.. YAY
*Saying words that sound a lot like Ma Ma
*Cannot take his feet out of his mouth
*Still likes being rocked to sleep with Music playing
*Sleeping in his OWN BED.... long awaited!!!
*Laughs harder than we've heard him laugh... at Daddy of coarse
*Preferes to be on his tummy instead of his back when we lay him down anywhere
*Has gotten on an AWESOME schedule that he knows well
*Is still obsessed and preferes his Ma Ma... I LOVE that!

This little boy is definately OUR REASON!!!


Ali and Josh Holt said...

i love how gabe has his arm around the egg carton in the 1st pic like they are good pals. so hilarious and adorable!!

TyandKolbi said...

You have been a blogging fool this week....I love it! 7th months is such a fun age :) Gabers is darling, adorable, precious, all those wonderful things!

How about this Friday for a visit? We drove by your house on the way home from the gas station the other night....so I know right where your are!

Andrea said...

He's really cute!