So me and Dall were doing some yard work when I came across this!!! I first though it was one of those HUGE black beetle, stink bug things because we have them everywhere around our house so I almost walked right past it. It was in the corner or my garage door, leading to the side of my house. I almost fainted when I realized what it was. So I screamed for Dall to get a Dixie cup so we could get a better look at the thing. Once we got it in the cup, we shook it so it would get on it's back and YUP... a BLACK WIDOW. I seriously have not seen a black widow, let alone a spider this big... ever. We played with it in the cup for a bit and got it really mad and then after about 10 minutes, Dall reluctantly let it loose on the road and ended it's horrible little life. Since then, I now watch were I am stepping when I am out in the yard. Hope this makes you sleep peaceful at night. I have lost a few good hours just thinking about it. YUCK!!!



Ali and Josh Holt said...

I HATE you for posting this picture.

Heather said...

Not cool Ang!!! Not cool at all... glad you are safe though.