Our last week of October...

Our good friends, the Masias family came into town last week so we were able to spend some time with them. We went to Discovery Gateway and the kids LOVED it. Gabe loved all the exhibits.. mainly because everything was just his size. Now that he is walking, we were chasing him all over the place. Th child does not sit still for one second. He has taught himself to go up the stairs but when it comes time to go down.... he thinks he can just walk right down them. I am at his heals everywhere there are stairs that are not blocked off by a gate.... which is everywhere. So the next thing I will be doing is teaching him how to go down the stairs, the right way. 
Gabe on daddy's shoulders

Gabe loved this massive horse. He did not want to get off.

Thinkin he is a big boy now that he knows how to drive.

Dall found this hand puppet as we were leaving and gabe was getting the biggest kick out of it. He was giggling like crazy.

 Our Halloween was pretty Blah this year. I always say "Lets do something fun this year" but when it comes down to the actual day, we are both asking each other.... "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know, what do you want to do tonight?" Next year... I WILL do better! We dressed up though, which makes us not total duds. Gabe however hated everything we tried on him so I just got him cute, snuggly Halloween PJ's. He was adorable all the same.

The Lundquist Family - 10/30/10.

My Awesome staff at Dr. Anderson's Office. I Love working there!!!!


Melanie said...

I know how you feel about the boy being all over the place! Owen was the same. It got to the point where it wasn't even fun to go anywhere. I finally would turn him around at the top of stairs and grab his feet and pull him down so his tummy was on the stairs. Seriously, after doing that like 3 times, he learned that he needed to turn around backwards and go down that way, it was a lifesaver! He is starting to look sooo much like you!

TyandKolbi said...

And they just get more busy and more crazy! I afraid for winter and being cooped up in the house all day!

Glad you had a fun Halloween. We're not any fun either - so at least you dressed up! And I didn't know you worked at Dr. Anderson's. Great place to work!!! How often are you working and who is watching Mr. Gabe?

Nate and Jamie said...

I haven't read your blog forever! Look how big your little one is. So cute! I didn't know you were working for Dr. Anderson? How long have you been there? You an assistant or front desk?