Oh weather, dont tease.

So I am in need of a blog post update since it has been a while... but there is nothing new going on around here. But, my sister Allie just graduated from SkinScience Institute!!! Yay Allie! Congratulations and I cant wait to reap the benefits of your new and exciting future. 
We love you and are so proud of you!!!

Since the weather is playing tricks on us (one day it's nice, the next it's horrible), we have been trying to get outside as much as we can so Gabe can run and play and just get some of his energy out. Basketball with dad is a great way of doing that.

But like I said, one day it will be nice, the next not so nice and Gabe is left doing a lot of this...

He gets so bored that he starts to get into things he knows he shouldn't be getting into. This day in fact, he got caught putting two of his balls down the heat vent and now they are stuck.... probably never return again. This is such an "Oh no, I've been caught" face.

Thank goodness there is IFA so Gabe can go visit the little chicks. He LOVED them. He was very sad to say goodbye. Maybe Grandma Mel needs to get some..... hint hint.

And on our lucky nights, Gabe and the parentals get to spend some quality time with awesome neighbors, the Lunds. Gabe and Mollie are quite fond of each other. They are even rubbing off on each other. Well.... Gabe is rubbing off on Mollie and teaching her all sorts of naughty things! Sorry Lindie!

One thing is for sure though, we cant wait for warm spring to get here so we can be outside a whole lot more.

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Holley and Luke Burbank said...

Briggs does the same thing with the vents! I am finding all sorts of treasures down there lately. naughty, funny little boys! Wish they couldn't take the top off!