Gabe Turns 2

Well, Gabe Man turned 2!!! I can hardly believe that he is growing up SO stinkin fast. My first question is WHY? I love that he is getting older but at the same time, I want to lock myself in my room with him and stop time. Is that possible??? I have been very nostalgic this last little while as this whole turning 2 thing is sinking in.
He is so funny though. There are things he does that surprise me and Dallas. He will all the sudden throw out this sentence that totally makes sense. He is so smart. I will share a few things that Gabe is doing at age 2:
He has started to sing 'Happy Birthday dear Momma and Dadda and Momma' as LOUD as he possibly can muster. ( Birthday is said Berfday)
He says:
Whatcha doin Dadda.. or Momma... or anyone that is in his presence.
Baby Cwying... when a baby is crying.
MOMMA... WAKE UP... as he is standing in his crib, waiting for me to get him in the morning.
TockerTeiker.... means Popsicle, Motorcycle, Bicycle.
Hi Mamma... he usually comes inches from my face when I am on the Computer or reading a book when he says this
Mamma, Where awe you???
I'm seeping... when I ask him if he had a good nap
Micky Mouths... says this with a lisp
Where daddy go?
Daddy go work
Wanna go Grammas Houths
I wan Dinner... every meal is Dinner
He says Pease and Dank You
He says Sowwy Momma when he has done something he shouldn't have

These are just some of the adorable things he says. He also LOVES to dance. Whenever he hears music, he dances.
He still likes to be rocked to sleep with either a story or us singing Close To You by Karen Carpenter.
He has a favorite Blankie that he needs to sleep with and he will cry if he doesn't have it.
He is still OBSESSED with my Dad. When he is around, Gabe will only want to be held by him. They have some strange bond that they had in the Pre existence.
He can tolerate Nursery now. It took a while for him to get warmed up to it.

So for his 2nd birthday, we celebrated with my family a few days before. Gabe and his cousin Avery had a joint Birthday Party. They had a lot of fun. And then on his Birthday, me, Dall, Gramma CeeCee and Gramma Mel all went to the Zoo. Gabe Loved all the animals. It was just what he wanted. He was so curious when he saw the Elephants and Gorillas. They are the biggest animals there and he kept on telling us "Scary." He had a good time though.
Then we had quite the party for him that night with lots of family and friends. He got Spoiled. So many people love him!!!
Here are some pictures from the day...

On the lap of his favorite person

His new football beanie

Gramma CeeCee and Gramma Mel

Intrigued by Mr. Monkey

The Elephants were a little loud

He didn't mind the fake Rhino

The Crew at the Zoo

Eating some of his Cake after we sang to him

Gabe and Gramma Todd

I think this is the only picture of me with Gabe

Grandma and Grandpa Todd came. Gabe LOVES them!


April and Nate said...

Happy Birthday Gabers!!! It is crazy how fast these two years have gone by. Gabe is such a cutie!!!

Ali Holt said...

awww looks like he had a great birthday! Love that little man!

Bennion Lovin' said...

He is THE cutest. Seriously, who creates such beautiful off spring... oh... Gorgeous Ang and Dal do! Of course! Silly me...