Jan-Feb {2012}

So one thing I need to do better at in the years of 2012 is updating my blog more regularly. I hope I can do that. January and February were not too bad for the Lundquists. So again, I will share pictures of the last two months.

One Saturday, Dall and I were cleaning the house and out Gabe got so tired, he tuckered out on the couch. No blanket either. We knew this little boy must have been exhausted. Cute non the less!

 In January, we spent a LOT of time at the Pediatrician. We found out that Gabe has allergy induced asthma. His asthma also comes on when he gets a cold and he has had a few colds in January and February. Poor little guy! Dallas and Gabe are passing the time in the waiting room at the Dr.'s office.  

 My Best Friend Ali was in town for Christmas and into January so I was able to see her a few times. It was so fun seeing her and her darling little boy Boston. We also indulged in some yummy Frozen Yogurt and Ali's sister Mimi was able to come too. I use to work with both of these ladies and I miss it!

 These next three pictures are all taken at the Pediatricians office. Gabe was having a mini asthma attack so Dr. Bosworth had him hooked up to the nebulizer and we did a breathing treatment in their office. We told him that it was his super hero mask.

 This visit at the Dr.'s was a follow up just a week later. Gabe's Dr wanted to check his lungs and see how his breathing was. The sweet nurse brought in animals and Gabe was just fine for the entire appointment. Now he incorporates the Dr.'s office with the place with then animals.

 This is where Gabe likes to spend most of his time... in the basement shooting Hoops... with us of coarse. It is nice because we go down to exercise and he plays ball. Win Win.

My mom and I went to Kneaders for lunch one day and Gabe and Grandma were looking at some birds perched on a lamp post. I LOVE this picture of the two of them. 

 Marni invited us to Carson's Birthday Party at this awesome Trampoline place in Draper. The name of it slips my mind. Gabe and Avery had a lot of fun in the kiddie area. Gabe loves to jump on tramps so I knew he would be in heaven. I was right.

 We went with some of our good friends to the Herriman Rec Center. It is my favorite place to go in the winter months. Gabe was a little weary of all the big slides, so he just stuck to the little slide and splashed around with his friend Mollie. They had a lot of fun together!!!

 Wherever we go, Gabe HAS to drive in the "vroom vroom cart." Harmons has this one and it is Gabe's favorite. I also like it because Gabe is a saint at the Grocery Store if he drives in his car the whole time. Another Win Win.

 We have been aching for Spring!!!! Gabe longs to be able to push his lawn mower ans I just want it warm so I can do yard work. Crazy? Maybe.. but I welcome yard work if it means Spring is here!!!

 Dall and I celebrated Valentines Day early. The Friday before, we ate dinner at Olive Garden (we had a gift card) and then saw "The Vow." Great Valentines movie. It was a great night spent with my Love!

 This was our sweet set up on Valentines Day. I made a really good Spicy Shrimp Pasta with grilled Asparagus and rolls. Cherry Garcia for Dessert. It was YUMMY!!!

 Funny boy.

 We had a fun Date Night with the Johnsons. Erin and Dan have two boys and a baby girl, Levi, Lucas and Pepyr. Gabe LOVES to play with the boys. The played all night while we played games. It was a fun night!!!

So January and February were good to us. Let's see what March and April will bring.


James and Mary said...

Hey Angie! Your little Gabe is so so cute. Love all the pics. I've been looking for a new pediatrician that is close to where we live. Do you like yours?

Jami West said...

That trampoline place looks like the same place I took my boys when I was back home for a visit. Airborne. Does that sound right? We loved it!
My 3 year old boy was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma at 18 months and we have been dealing with it since. It's not fun but the good thing is that if you keep up on breathing treatments for attacks and control allergies he can grow out of it. We have had some scary attacks. When we visit Utah we just have to keep him on Children's Claritin the whole time. Sorry... I won't tell you our whole history.
Anyway. Gabe is ADORABLE and has grown so much. You are beautiful Angie. I love seeing updates.