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I have let another 2 months fly by without a blog post. Shame, shame. But I'm back.... for now. We had a a GREAT summer that flew by too fast. I always get excited for autumn around August time but when it actually comes, I get a little sad to see another summer come and go. But, we move on and welcome whatever comes next, right?
A few things that happened this summer are:
*My sweet Grandma Bea passed away. We were so sad to see her go!
*Dallas and I celebrated our Anniversary at the Grand America, along with massages and a LOT of shopping. He totally spoiled me.
*Had the opportunity to cheer on our Miss South Jordan (Malissa Richardson) at Miss Utah.
*Gabe got LOTS of Candy at the South Jordan City Parade and got to ride at the fun carnival rides at Country Fest.
*Took our annual trip to Antimony for the 4th of July. Fun, Fun, Fun!
*We attended my bother and sis in law's sealing to to their sweet babies, Abriha and Axum!!!
*Gabe moved into his Big Boy room with his Big Boy bed.
*Snowbird with the DeHaan family. This is always one of our favorite things we get to do each summer.
*We had some good friends come into town and we were able to spend some time with them. (The Petrey's and Ali Holt)
*Lots of trips to Pools and Splash Parks.
*Lots of trips to the Fertility Specialist (YAY!)
*Dall got a new job. YAY!
*Gabe turned 3 years old!!!
I am sure I am forgetting a lot of other little things but these are the highlights!
Whats been going on with me.... In May, Dallas and I finally came to the conclusion that we needed to visit a Fertility Specialist. We were getting pretty discouraged with our progress and our Dr. at the time wasn't giving us much help. Month after month he would prescribe another dose of Clomid. I couldn't tell you how many cycles of Clomid I have been on but I'm sure its a shocking number. So I called my Dr. in April and told his nurse that the last dose of clomid didn't work so now what. She advised I have a very expensive procedure done called the HSG exam. That is what the Dr.'s will advise if the clomid doesn't work for long periods of time. But I thought the exam was a little premature. The purpose of the exam is to see if your fallopian tubes are clogged. Well, since I have had 2 pregnancies, I am pretty sure that they aren't. So... we made the decision to find a good Fertility Specialist and get more answers. To be honest, I wish I would have made that jump a long time ago. I was so nervous at that first appointment but the Dr. that I saw was so kind and just listened to me blabbing on about my body. I just wanted answers. He was able to give me those answers. After all, that is what he specialises in. Well since that first appointment in June, I have seen them every month since. Dallas and I have had a number of tests done on us and I feel more informed about the female and male reproductive system than I ever have before. It is nice to know exactly what is going on with both you and your spouse but can be frustrating at the same time. I have had a lot of good news and bad news in the last 5 months, but now more than ever, I feel very optimistic. Dallas and I are both making lifestyle changes that can only help with what we are trying to achieve. We are both eager to see what is on store for us in the near future and are always crossing our fingers. One thing we do know is that we are LOVING all the time we are getting with Gabe. I'm sure that when more kids come, I will look back at this time in my life and be so glad that I got to know my little buddy better. Dallas and Gabe are best friends and have the best bond. I am so grateful for Dall. He really is the best Husband and Daddy.   
We are so blessed and we know that we can only take one day at a time.
Here are some fun pictures of our last few months.


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Mike and Megan said...

I recently read your blog and did again now that it's updated. What a fun summer, it sure goes too fast. Although, Fall is my fav. Thanks for sharing about the baby stuff. It's frustrating for sure. I wish you the best. You do make cute kids! I look forward to more posts hopefully with exciting news.