Some more photos..

So now that i have this blogging stuff semi-figured out, i wanted to post some more fun pictures of exciting dates that happened previous to this wonderful, informative blog. Hope ya likes.

I decorated out apartment for Valentines Day. I LOVE streamers. It was very fun for me to do. I think Dall liked it.

This was taken at the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition for our family to go every year.

This of course would be Halloween. I was an 80's rocker and dallas was... a really scary guy you wouldnt want to be caught alone with in an alley.

This was taken at my best friend Ali's wedding reception. She had it at Rice Eccles and the view was Amazing. This picture does not do it justice.


Krissy and "B" said...

Cute blog friend!!! Isn't this blogging stuff just too much fun!? I love it! And it seems to be ok that everyone is obsessed with it! :) Goodbye myspace, right!? :)

Chelsey Stallings said...

Hey Angie,

Its been a long time, so I thought I would drop you a line and congratulate you on the marriage. Marriage is great isn't it and you guys look so cute. Its good to see you are doing so well and I hope life is treating you and Dallas very well. have a good one and keep in touch.

Chelsey Stallings ( wall)

Ryan said...

Hi Angie you don't know me but I know your boy Dallas and would you tell him for me that he has a lot of old friends looking for? Tell him it's the sexy beast mac daddy asking for him. He can email me at nukum.rbm@gmai.com