Fabulous 24th...

So our 24th of July was quite joyous. We started out the day sleeping in, which was much needed! Dallas decided to go golfing with his cousin Jeff while I stayed home cleaning and doing some online shopping from Layers... I bought a swimsuit that was 20% off. I couldnt pass it up. Then Dallas and I had some Cheesecake Factory Gift cards so we went there and got right in. We sat on the patio.. in the shade so we got the works. It was very delicious. Then we met up with our friends Randy & Steph and Sheldon & Michelle to go see fireworks at Liberty Park. Besides the bugs that wouldnt leave Dallas alone, it was quite a nice night with good company. Goodness i LOVE the summer!

Me and the wonderful bags of cheescake!

Testing the lighting

What can i say.. We're in LOVE!

The crew just waiting for the fire works to start... too bad we were sitting behind a large tree and really didnt get to see the best of them.

All in all.. it was a great one!


MJacobs said...

How fun! you look Gorgeous as usual! We need to get together again soon so freakin call me! :) Miss you!

Rachel said...

Ang, I have been thinking about you and your audition like non stop. I'm going to call you!

Daniel*Erin*Levi said...

Angie I miss you! Dallas and Dan are seeing each other more than we are!!! That will just not work! I decided that when my boys get a little older we should go on vaca! Like us, you two and chels and Jer should go on a cruise or something hot and fun! PS you are going to make American Idol and live out my dream:) Brat:)