So.. Halloween was fun fun fun. Its wierd though because we dont have chillins yet and we cant trick or treat anymore so what do we do??? Costume Party Anyone? That is what we did. Dall, me, my bother and his wife went to our cousins for a party. It was fun. Then we came back and watched a scary Halloween movie until after 1:00 am. Then the next day was our girls day. All that were included was my mommy, Marn, Rach and Allie. I am so mad because i did not take one picture! Blast! We went to pottery barn, the gateway, gardner village and then last but certainly not least. TAI PAN!!! Oh we had fun but we missed our sister April. She wasnt able to make it. I love hanging out with my sisters when there are no nieces.. so we can really talk.. and laugh, which is what we do most of the time. I love my sisters. Then sunday was my neice Avery's baby blessing. She is so adorable so i put pictures. Enjoy!
Us with Bryce and Jamie

Dall, me, my sister in-law April and Bro Nate

Cute Maggie on Halloween

Oh boy..

And here are some very adorable pictures of my niece Avery. I'm obsessed with her!!!


Sheldon said...

Awesome pictures, it looks like both of you had fun.

Kristen and Brandon said...

So... Um... Should I turn Dallas in for "robbing the cradle"!?!

Brady, Emily, Brinklee said...

Cute costumes! I loves dallas' tats!

allieB said...

ummm, wow that was quite the fast reply... i just barely posted that blog... you have no life.