51 Random Things...

So I have been tagged by my cute cuz Erin.... thanks much! I actually love being tagged for things like this! I hope I can think of 50 Randoms that don't BORE you!!

1. I get so excited for fall. The decorations, smells, New Moon... but I get really sad that summer is over.... like I am about to lose a great friend for a year.
2. I hate the fact that it takes me forever to get ready! I have tried to speed up the process but I just cant do it any faster.
3. I am only ticklish on my side, no where else.
4. I still sleep with my baby blanket on my pillow.
5. Dallas wont admit it but I would find my baby blanket on his pillow when I would get home from work.
6. I still get ridiculously excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. I resort back to childhood.
7. I have feet fetishes. I am always judging a person's foot when I see it Bare.
8. I am OBSESSED with Dall's feet but I hate my own!
9. Whenever I hear a song that reminds me of a certain time in my life, I play little scenarios in my head of the actual things I would have been doing at that time. Silly, I know.
10. I still get butterflies when Dallas kisses me.
11. I want to learn how to sew very badly.
12. I love all things mini. Whether it's a book, a charm on a necklace or a mini fruit tart. Everything should have a mini version of itself.
13. I want to be a wedding planner someday. I am obsessed with weddings.
14. Every time I go to the mall, I have to look at the purse kiosk's. I have a large Purse fetish.
15. I have a HUGE crush on Gerard Butler. I feel like I NEED to see all his movies so I can know him just a little more than I did before I watched it.
16. I love to sneeze. It is such a good feeling.
17. One of my biggest pet peeves is when Dallas gets a song stuck in his head and he feels like he has to sing or whistle or hum it all day long.
18. It bothers me that I never see Dall cry. I mean he doesn't do it often, and when he does, he hides it very well. Blah! I better see some tears when this baby comes!
19. I could watch Sweet Home Alabama every day and never get sick of it. That movie has some great one liners.
20. When I get upset over something, I can literally feel my heart rate getting faster and faster. It is happening a lot lately.
21. I love when I get to see a few of my high school friends. When we get together, we laugh constantly. Plus, they know me better than many people do.
22. I dream most about Dallas dying, or leaving me... then I wake up crying and need to make sure he is next to me.
23. I worry about everything. It doesn't have to be a big thing... I just worry.
24. I have a very hard time losing at things. Games of Chinese Checkers, Mario Cart with Dallas.... especially against Dallas. I HATE losing to him.
25. I am a very protective person. If there is anything I feel I have a need to protect, I will protect it!!!
26. I love getting my teeth cleaned!
27. One of my most favorite moments was the first day my parents met Dallas. He came over wearing his Tommy Hilfiger overalls and a wife beater... with one strap hanging down. He also was wearing diamond stud earring's and had bleached blond hair. Priceless!!!!
28. Give me a pint of Cherry Garcia, sixlets, sour patch watermelons and a good movie and I am good to go!
29. Dallas snores every single night... many sleepless nights due to that!
30. I love watching my sisters being moms. They are so good at it and I am constantly learning little tips to one day use on my little buggers!
31. Dallas has an amazing voice. I love to hear him sing.
32. I Love getting lost in a good book, better yet... a good Series.
33. I always order cookie dough and chocolate ice cream with gummie bears from cold stone.
34. I believe I have eaten over 1000 quiznos sandwiches since I was 15.... possibly more.
35. I miss my best friend Ali more than anything!!
36. I love to hear Dall's laugh when he gets around his brother. It is somehow different...
37. My parents are my hero's. I love being in their company!
38. I LOVE going to Antominy!!! There is nothing better than visiting the small town where your Grandparents live. Going back to your family's roots!!
39. I LOVE Blue Cheese and Crackers, especially over the holidays!
40. I always put a food to a season: Fall- mom's Chicken Noodle Soup and Apple Sauce Cookies. Winter- Wassail and Turkey Dinner. Spring- Mom's Valentines Sugar Cookies and her Beef Soup. Summer- Any Fruit and Cucumbers and Vinegar!!! Oh and Sauteed Mushrooms.
41. I have to rub my feet together in order to fall asleep.
42. I have never been more scared/ excited for my baby boy to come! I cant believe I love something so much. It is such an intense feeling!
43. I am great at analyzing things and I am sure that analysis is correct!
44. I still don't understand or appreciate my husbands sarcasm and I have only known him for 10 years. Gosh.
45. When I laugh, I let out one deep HAH (one deep push of breath) and my nose flares like my nostrils are wings!!
46. I cry when I see the abused pets commercials.
47. I love being around my brother Nate when he starts quoting movie lines. He is one funny person!
48. I dont like my nose... and sometimes contemplates a nose job.
49. I miss my Grandma Burr! Sometimes I wish I could just have one more conversation with her.
50. Due to my past waitress experience, I am very particular about what I am being served and how I am being served.
51. I cannot wait to see the look on Dallas's face when he see his baby boy for the first time. It will be soooooo precious, plus sexy!

I shall tag Ali and Kristen and Kolbi


Ali and Josh Holt said...

I love this post! I will get to my 50 random things soon. I dont have the brain power at the moment. Did you ever feel like a space cadet once you got pregnant? I feel like I forget everything and I cant concentrate on anything for more than a minute at a time. I get very impatient and edgy. P.S. I am loving the feed the fish game you have going on here! so hilariously random! I get to see you in a few weeks, and that BABY! WAHOOOOOOO!

Kristie said...

I'm glad to hear about your obsession w/weddings Angie. I am also obsessed.

Jake and Kim said...

I think I overfed your fish! Sorry if they get realllllly fat!! Oh and I sleep with a blanky too!

TyandKolbi said...

I don't know if I can think of 51 random things - haha! How are you? I've been thinking about you, wondering how you are holding up. Have you set an induction date or are you just going to go to your due date? Hang it there, it is so worth it! I can't wait to meet your little man :) Love ya!