Gabe is 1 Month Today!

I am comparing Gabe to an egg carton every month to see just how big he is getting. So cute.

Well, it has been one month since Gabriel David came into our lives and he has been the biggest blessing to us! He is such a miracle. He makes his mom and dad so happy. So far in Gabe's first month he:
*Loves his Binki and will not go to sleep without it.
*Loves to sleep on mommy's chest in the morning.
*Stares at the person who is holding him so intently. I swear he can see into our souls.
*Loves to float in the bathtub but hates it when mommy gets down to business and washes him.
*Only goes to sleep if mommy sings to him. He really loves the song "Merry Christmas Darling."
*Has an appetite like his dad, which means he eats a lot!
*Makes grunting noises when he eats.
*Holds his breath until his face goes bright red when he either needs to poop or toot. It is so cute I must say but I have to tickle him to take a breath.
*Giggles in his sleep.
*Is always doing things with his hands. (Clasping them like he is praying, scratches his face, falls asleep with his hands in the air.)
*Always pees on mommy and daddy when they change his diaper. He just loves it when its off!

Here are a few pictures starting from Gabe's first day on this earth to now. I thought i would post them because they are so precious.


marni said...

Oh Ang he is adorable!!! I need to come by for a little baby fix.

TyandKolbi said...

Great update, Ang!!! Oh, I already miss those tiny, tiny baby days.....They grow too fast! He is absolutely beautiful. We need to come over for a visit!

Ali and Josh Holt said...

i love that little dude and i love you! i cant wait to find out if gabes going to have a best friend or girlfriend...next week! and i cant wait to see you in december!!!

Nicole Andra said...

Congratulations you guys! He's beautiful!!! Hope all is well with you both-and your new little addition to the family ;)
Nicole (Randy & Katelyn's friends)