What I want for my Birthday...

Since my Birthday is coming up... in a month 1/2.... i figured I would start giving subtle hints to Dall about what I would like. Oh where to begin. Oh I know... how about this gorgeous Camera Strap.
I just LOVE the camera straps at Shey [B]. They are gorgeous, feminine and they make me want to take a bunch of pictures!!! Gorgeous... simply Gorgeous.
And while you're at it, why not give me one of these gorgeous bags from Jo Totes.

I am so in love with these bags!!!!! I want one in every color.
And hey, what the heck. I need one of these too.
This beautiful quilt is from West Elm. It is one of my favorites. I am in need of new bedding and I want to give my Master bedroom a whole new look while I'm at it. It will be a big project that will definitely take some time.
So as for my Birthday Wish List, I wont get all of these I'm sure. I might get One if I'm lucky but a girl can dream right?
And in closing, here is an adorable picture of the little man.


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Ali said...

that is so funny about that camera strap. I have been eyeing a similar one, although its on etsy by a designer named Mel V. I wonder who copied who with the design and logo. But they are amazing! Cant you just see Josh and Dall with those ruffles? Hilarious! Maybe we should buy them for each other...then its like we got them as gifts! :)