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So yesterday I was getting ready in the bathroom and I had my little sidekick at my feet and the next thing I know, he is crying. He was playing by the tub and chipped his two front teeth on the tile that surrounds my tub. He was not a happy boy and I was not happy either. I am still upset about it. I am keeping a close eye  on them so see if they are going to turn brown and to see if he is in any pain but so far, he doesn't seem to mind it too much, other than he cant stop rubbing his tongue against this teeth because they feel different... and sometime he puts his fingers in his mouth. That is what makes me think that he might be in some pain. I hope his nerves aren't exposed. I am going to call my Dentist Monday morning to get his advice. But I am sad because his "look" has changed. As silly as that might sound, I LOVED his little snaggle teeth. One was longer than the other and he looked so cute. He still looks adorable but now his teeth are straight across. If this is how I feel about him changing now, how will I feel when he gets braces!? Anyway, so that was our big event yesterday.
Another thing that will be keeping be busy is being the Co-Director of the Miss South Jordan Pageants. My sister Marni was asked to be the Director and she asked if I would help her out. I am really excited about this because I have wanted to get my foot in the door with Pageants again. I know Marni has wanted to to. We will be busy but it is going to be a lot of fun.
Anyway, enough with the talking... more pictures!

Gabe and his cousin Avery love to play with each other. Avery is so good to put up with little Gabers.

Gabe LOVES balloons!!! If he sees one anywhere we go, he will throw a fit until he gets it! It's so cute.

Gabe wants to feed himself now with forks and spoons. He does a good job but with the help from mom and dad.

Gabe also LOVES marsh mellows. He could eat and eat and eat and eat them all day long if he could.

Gabe likes to type on the computer. Such a business man.

 Oh I LOVE this smile. Such a turkey.

Oh, and IT CAME!!!! My 2011 Project Life! It is so much better in person!

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Jess and Brandon said...

Oh, he is just sooo cute! That's so sad about hurting his teeth, poor little guy. What an adorable smile he has!