Swim Fun

We had an awesome play date today with Mollie and Aspen at the Herriman Rec Center Pool. Oh my goodness, Gabe was supposed to be a fish. He LOVED playing in the water. he couldn't get enough of it. He went down the slides and let the water bucket fall on him. The splashing of the water didn't bother him at all. In fact, it was the opposite. He did most of the splashing. He got a little smooching in with the two lovely ladies we came with. He loves the ladies. So, we will be doing a LOT of swimming this summer. Gabe would have it no other way. Aw.... my son is so cute!



Bailey Family said...

you are so right he is SO cute! What a little stud! I love taking little ones swimming, it is so fun to see their reactions and how much they love it. I went on a tour of the new Herriman rec center but have yet to get back and swim, looks like it needs to go on our to do list!

Mike and Megan said...

cute pics. Your son is darling. I love his blue eyes. Happy belated Birthday you are beautiful. I love your long hair. I had my b-day the first part of March we are closer to 30 no than 20, oh well that's what happens. Glad you enjoyed the Melting Pot.

Ali Holt said...

Boston has that same swimsuit from Target!!!! And so it begins again, the clothes matching...bah ha ha ha!