Pictures Pictures Pictures...

I have taken a ton of pictures in the last couple of months so I am just going to dump them all on here...

I was working and Daddy was babysitting for the day. Gabe just wanted his mommy all day long.

We spent a Saturday playing at the park.

Gabe LOVED thr Easter Egg Hunt at my parents house. He caught on quick and the other grandkids were happy to help him reach the eggs that were up high.

My brother Nate and his BEAUTIFUL wife April!!! What a good looking pair.

Now that it is getting a little warmer, Gabe loves spending every minute outside. He cries when we bring him in.

We spent Easter weekend down in Antimony visiting my Grandpa Burr. Gabe LOVES his Grandpa Burr.

Gabe loves Grandpa Burr's Chicken too!!! Bock Bock.

I was so happy I got to see some type of animal being herded. In the past years when I have visited in spring, I have seen cute lambs, horses and cows. I LOVE Antimony for this reason as well.

Gabe just soaking in all the farm life.

Gabe is so excited for all his candy on Easter Morning. His favorite things were Suckers!!!

Before we left Antimony, we blew bubbles and the kids loved it!

Gabe and his favorite Uncle Na Na.

Just because I Love this picture.....


Ali Holt said...

I love that little Gabers!!! He is growing up so fast. By the way the chicken picture is so funny.. cant wait to see you!!! I miss you!

Bryan, Jessica and Alivia said...

He is so adorable Angie!!!! I totally blog stalk you and I love seeing all the fun things you do as a family. Mine is bryanjessicarodgers.blogspot.com if you wanna come check us out!