Just some recent projects...

So I have had the creative bug lately and I have come across some awesome finds! I LOVE this stuff. It is so fun.

I bought this Brass Head Board at the DI for $10.00. I HAD to have it. I spray painted it off white and it turned out pretty darn cute!

On my last trip to Antimony, we stopped off at an adorable antique shop in Scipio and I bought 3 of these old antique windows for $40.00. That is an awesome price for 3 windows. I should know because I have been to George's Architectural Salvage and 1 window alone cost $55.00. So it was a great deal.
So I sanded all the really old, flaky paint off and painted one coat of white paint. Then I sanded it around the corners to bring out the antique look. Add a cute wreath and ribbon and vuala. It is hanging over my stairs.

I found this old frame at the DI the same day I found the head board for $2.00. I painted it green and put a little glaze over it to bring out the cracks. I stapled chicken wire to the back of it and added fabric over the edges so it wouldn't scratch the wall. (I am glad I did that) I am putting pictures on it so hopefully I will get it fully covered here in the next little while. I love how it turned out. Very bright and fun.

Ok, so I have had these mirrors since me and Dall got married. They came in a 3 pack from Crate N Barrel and they were quite expensive. The original color was black with some brown streaks on them. Loved the mirrors but not the color. It wouldn't flow with the colors I am using in my house. However, I do LOVE the color orange right now. I am getting more daring with my decorating so I thought "What the heck, go bold with a bright Orange." LOVED how they turned out. I couldn't be happier. I only used 2 of the 3 mirrors because of the space so I will just have to use the last mirror somewhere else.

This is what I am most excited about. For the past little while, I have wanted a book shelf for this space in my living room. I have tons of books that are everywhere around my house and they needed a place to permanently stay! So, I randomly got on KSL on Saturday just to see what was new in the classifieds area and this beautiful piece of furniture was the first thing that came up under Shelving. Solid wood might I add. The owner lived in South Jordan, which was a bonus.....oh and it was $5.00. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?! It is so sturdy and it is so much more than what I thought I would eventually put in this space. I am going to paint in Orange. hehehe. Not the BRIGHT Orange of the Mirrors. It will be a softer Orange. Awesome eh?
So, what shall I work on next???


Shayla Jones said...

Angie I love the orange mirrors so cute! Your house is darling!

allieB said...

The headboard turned out great! And the paintings still look good up there. And holy cow where did you get that shelf! I love it! Paint color?

Michelle said...

When are you coming to my house to decorate??!! :)

The Morris Family said...

That must be the bookshelf we saw your dad helping you unload - love it. Your are daring - I'm always too worried about going bold, but love how it turns out. So cute and fun.