So right now I am VERY bored!! It's thursday night, my husband left me to go play basketball with some work buddies and i am at my parents house with Megan DeBry. If any of you know her.. might i say that she is a very pleasant girl to be around. I wanted to go to a movie with her tonight but she is not feeling very well. I have been in the biggest mood to see either Prom Night or Emma. Polar opposite movies.. I know. So we will most likely rent a movie and be silly girls for the night. So the question that i do need answered is... How do i change my background without deleting everything i have already on here?? I almost did delete everything and i will not try to do it again till i know how. So if i can have some assistance, it would be much appreciated. So here are some good ol' pics of my past.. Random I know, but enjoy!

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