10 Months... Oh My!!!

So Gabe is now 10 Months.... yes, so sad but so true. As much as I hate that he is getting older and bigger, those are also the things that I love too. I have so many mixed emotions about Gabe growing up but I have mentioned them all before and we all know I am a bit of a sap when I start to get into it.. so I wont. On a happier note, Gabe has done some exciting things this month. 
*He is CRAWLING... and I must say he just wont stop moving now that he knows how to move those knees.
*He has had his two bottom teeth pop up and has not liked it one bit.
*He has learned how to click with his tongue. I have no idea how he figured out how to do that but it is so cute.
*He is really starting to say a word that resembles Ma Ma.. but it sounds a lot like mmmmmmmmmmmmm to Dallas.
*He is still extremely clingy to his momma and daddy but will go to a stranger if he is forced... we had to do that a few nights ago.
*He thinks that me and my mom are one person. He likes to be with her just as much as he likes to be with me. Whats the deal with that?
*He starts to jump up and down when I sing Popcorn Poppin. He gets so excited with that song.
* He still makes his funny, scratchy fake laugh when he thinks we are amusing. Not funny.... but amusing.
*He reaches for people when he wants to be picked up or held... so cute.

He Will NOT lay down for these pictures anymore... so this is what I get.

Oh and he kept eating the paper so I just had to take it away.. silly boy!

The two Loves of my Life!

We also went up to SnowBird with Dall's family to get in some R & R. It was so much fun and Gabe loved spending time with Gramps Bobby and Grams Jules... and all the rest of the fam. It was Gorgeous up there and we are sad we had to come home!! Here are just some of this pictures I took up there.

Us getting ready for our fun Day Pass.

We went swimming and Gabe LOVED the Water.

Grandpa Bobby is telling gabe what to do with that football...
All in all, we had an awesome week with the DeHaan's.

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