The 4th Festivities...

This post is a little late but hey, I have been a little busy. My family took our annual Antimony trip over the 4th of July. It was very fun but a little crazy. Everyone came from my immediate family except for Allie... who was missed by everyone!!! We had a great time down there, relaxing.... well, trying to relax at least, soaking up the sun... while Gabe got a fever of 102.6. We are guessing from heat exhaustion. Almost every little one in our family didnt feel well at one point. There is something to say about vacationing with babies... especially when there is NO AC!!! We got down there on thursday evening and the men got busy setting up the tents.... yes, that's right.... we slept in tents, in the front yard no less. What's Antimony without tents?! The days were pretty hot but the nights got absolutely FREEZING!! Dall, gabe and I had 4 or 5 large and heavy blankets over us. What an adventure. On Saturday, my Aunt Deb and Uncle Brent set up this awesome game of kickball for all of us to play. When you ran to the bases, there were big buckets of water waiting for you to put your feet in. Thats the only way you were safe. Then from 3rd base to home plate, there was this HUGE billboard size slip n slide with water and dish soap on it and when you ran to home, you HAD to slide! Some of us were good and some of were not so good. Dallas got a little into it, if you can imagine. Then we had a water balloon toss (like an egg toss with huge water balloons and towels) and that was really fun. Erin and I had very slippery fingers. We lost it for our team. Then we had a frozen T Shirt contest.... very fun! The fireworks were awesome over the reservoir but Gabe wasnt so thrilled. I spent that time in the car feeding him and covering him up with a blanket. Maybe next year he will like fireworks. We also had Volleyball tournaments, Chinese checker games, phase ten and a ton of other things that I cant recall right now. All in all, it was a great trip but we are glad to be back.
Here are some pics from the trip

The sign coming into town

My cuz Erin showing how the slip n slid works

Rylee being silly with rubber gloves

My two boys waiting for the parade to start

Mr. Climb up to everything

Us and Gramps

Almost the whole family...

I LOVE this picture!!!! Gabe LOVES his Gamps Burr


Ali and Josh Holt said...

Fun!! You guys and your random antimony trips. Tents in the front yard... And I need to hear more about this frozen t-shirt contest, is that like a wet t-shirt contest? Lol so excited to see you and gabers, we really don't have an agenda so I need to see you as much as possible!!!

Melanie said...

you have such a cute family and that Gabers is just adorable! I LOVE his big blue eyes...so cute! :)