Picture of the day...

I had to post this picture of my Gabers and my sweet neice Avery. I thought it was so funny because right before I took this picture, Avery and Gabe were somewhat fighting over the penguin that Gabe is holding in sweet triumph. I guess he won the battle of the penguin. Avery just wanted to get out after that. The look on Gabe's face makes me chuckle. This is the face he gets when he is really excited over something. It's like he flexes his face to the point of contortion. What a little bully. I guess he will have to hold his own because he has two girl cousins a year older than him that will want to make him play "dress-up" and paint his nails. We wont have any of that!!!

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Mike and Megan said...

That's too funny. Cute pictures. I love the one with your cute family and your grandpa, fun festivities/

marni said...