I am more than excited because I just ordered this...
That's right... the new Project Life 2011 Amber Edition!
I came across Becky Higgins blog last year in January and I fell in love! This woman is AMAZING! She does pretty much everything. She has been around for a long time and I feel jipped that I only just found out about her a year ago. She first got started scrap booking and it went off from there. She has such amazing ideas in SO many areas..... Organization, Decorating, Scrap booking, Cooking, Crafting, Documenting Life and so much more! Becky, I want to be more like you!!!
So, onto my Project Life story. When Gabe was born, we took pictures of Everything, as most new mothers know. I felt like every time he would move, i had to capture it. I was worried that as he got older and as we got use to the adorable things he did, we would forget to capture it with a photo. My parents can attest to that. We only have pictures growing up of the Special Events that went on like recitals, holidays, birthdays, soccer games, choir..... you know, the usual. Which is great and all, but what about the other days? Like the days where all you do is lounge around the house and play with trucks and blocks and change poopy diapers. Those are moments that you want to remember too right? Ha ha ha... Insert Project Life! I was immediately drawn to this concept. Take a picture a day for a year and write a little snipit about it... there, your done. As you can see from the gorgeous picture above, Becky has put her heart into designing an awesome Kit.
 I started started Project Life on February 14th last year so by album is almost finished and I can say that I have loved every minute of doing it. That final result is fantastic and my family can look back on all the stuff we did and be glad that I documented it. I cant wait to get my new one and get started! You NEED to check out Becky's Blog, you'll be sold too! 



♥rockwood♥ said...

So I kind of want to order one. You should be a sales woman girl! Can we get together maybe friday, or next week and I could comeover and see it in person? The pics on the site are hard to graspt he concept.

Ali and Josh Holt said...

yay yay yay! Cant wait for Thursday and cant wait to talk to you MORE about this. You inspire ME! love you.