All About Gabe

On New Years Eve night, we spent the evening hanging with some good friends. And I did something so spur of the moment.... I had our friend Nicole give Gabe his first hair cut. This was a very big deal to me because I did not want to cut it! I wanted to grow it out. But, I guess there will be plenty of time for that. I just wont give him another hair cut for quite a while and let it grow out a bit. I just LOVE little blond boys with shaggy hair and I don't know why. Dallas wanted to cut it a long time ago but he knew that Gabe's hair would only get cut when I said so! But I will have to say it looks cute cut too!

I also wanted to write down all the cute things Gabe is saying and doing so that I will always remember.
At 15 months, Gabe is saying:
Kuh Kuh.. as in Yuck
This... with a lisp
Bampa (Grandpa)
Nana (Grandma)
Ayi (Allie)
Duggie (Doggie)
Uh Oh

At 15 months, gabe is:
Running... or speed walking
Giving kisses
Throwing the Ball
Loves to Shower with dad
Throwing his head back when he is upset
Growling when he is upset


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Mike and Megan said...

What a sweet little guy. Sorry about his toe, poor baby. It looks like it hurts. Hopefully you won't have too many more ER visits in the future.