New Year's Resolutions

So... being that it is now 2011, I am so excited to get a go at it! I have taken much thought in the goals, resolutions and projects that I want to accomplish this year. It is consuming my mind!!! And since I am the QUEEN of making list's, I made two. One for 2011 Projects and the other for 2011 Goals. I have also placed a few copies of them throughout my house just so I can constantly remind myself  how crazy I am. I will probably regret this post immediately after I make it public but I am going to let you into my little world of "My brain is going a thousand miles a minute" and admit that I am... Dum Dum Dum.... My Mothers Daughter! (I love you mom!) So, here goes.

2011 Goals 

Read The Book of Mormon FRONT TO BACK without getting distracted and then forgetting to read it. I think I can do one chapter a day
Read more Uplifting Novels
Finish reading the series that I have started
Eat healthier
Cook more for my sweet family
Lose 15 Ibs.....
Oh and get my six pack back... or just get a six pack, since I never had one in the first place

2011 Projects

Finish Gabe's room (Board and Batten)
Refurbish Kitchen Table and Chairs
Make a Shelf/ Mantle for front room
Make shelves for Master Closet
Make or refurbish Bookshelf for Front Room
Make a Headboard
Buy quilt for master Bedroom
Refurbish tall Dresser for Master Bedroom
Put Bead board on Kitchen Island
Paint Ceiling
Put in Back Yard
Frame the Bathroom Mirrors with Molding

Hmmmmm... can I think of anything else?
You are all probably feeling really sorry for my husband right now. But I will add that I will be doing most of that By Myself!!!! And I am going to find the time where??? I am not quite sure yet... but I have 365 days to figure it all out.
Happy New Year and wish me luck!


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Melanie said...

your goals sound the same as mine!! I thought you were going to put get pregnant on there though...hmmm haha jk. I love how crafty you are, I wish I was more!! I love that advent calendar you made, I will have to steal that idea!! oh and ps thanks for the card...soooo cute! :)