Gabe's 2 Month/ Dr. Visit

Well Gabe is 2 Months now!! I cant believe my baby boy is 2 months!!! The time goes by so fast. Gabe has started to learn new things in this last month.
*He has started to smile big for mom and dad.
*He smiles for a few other people too, like Grandma and Aunt Allie.
*He is getting to be such a little talker too.
*He loves it when you blow kisses on his belly.
*Now he only falls asleep when he is being rocked to Karen Carpenter.(Something my Dad did to all of us when we were babies.)
*He loves to stare at the Christmas lights on the tree. He will stare until he falls asleep.
*He knows the difference between sitting down and standing up when you are holding him. He Only likes it when you are standing up!
Oh we LOVE our baby boy Gabers!

Gabe went into his 2 month Doctor visit on Monday, November 30th. He was such a good boy. They weighed him and took all his measurements and he was a little angel through all of it. He weighs 10 ibs 2 oz, and is now 21 inches long (which I believe is a little off, I think he is longer than that!)He is in the 75% of his weight, which is great. His daddy is very proud that he is putting on some "Meat." Gabe was happy and talking the whole appointment, until I put him on the table for the dredded shots. Oh boy he was not a happy camper when the nurse poked him 3 times in the leg. He flinched for the first shot, then he held his breath for about 10 seconds for the second and third shots. His face went bright red and he let out the saddest cry I have ever heard. Poor little guy! He was not too happy with mommy for a little while. Here he is, tuckered out from a long day of pain!

Oh, and here are two cute pictures of Grandma Leslie with Gabe and Grandma Dawn and uncle Kellan when they were down here visiting! We love you guys!


Ali and Josh Holt said...

I think you need to let me borrow that blue and grey outfit for my dude when Gabers grows out of it. I love it! He is getting obsessively cuter and cuter. His eyes are so blue, I cant believe it! And his facial expressions are priceless!!! give him a big kiss for me, and Ill give him my own kiss in about 3 weeks! love yoU!

Anonymous said...

He is just darling and I can't believe how fast time has gone by! I don't know why but I've never seen your blog--it is darling! Mine is private, but if you'd like to see, let me know your email on facebook.

Melanie said...

he is so adorable and sad to say, the shots never get better or easier. Poor kids just cry and look at you like why are you doing this to me. I hate shots. Glad to see he is doing good though! You look so cute by the way!

Lignell Family said...

He is getting so big... it goes by way too fast!! enjoy him while he can't crawl or walk away!!

TyandKolbi said...

Aren't little boys fun? Now that he's here, you can't imagine having a girl instead, can you? I love his little blue shoes. So darling.

Sheldon said...

Hey guys how are you??? The kid looks adorable. We miss you and wish we could be there to meet "Gabers". Don't be sad that he's growing up so fast because it only gets more fun.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!! They grow so fast! I remember when Asher grew out of his 0-3 month clothes and I packed them away I actually got teary!